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Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Auckland and Wellington

With every orbital trip around the sun, the earth experiences a variety of weather conditions that affect our daily lives. We’ve come to know these as the four seasons: summer, autumn, winter and spring. From the blaze of the hottest days to the polar extreme of the coldest ones, it’s important to be able to regulate your indoor temperature at home or work. At Fonko, we provide an extensive selection of top tier products and services related to air conditioning in Auckland and across Australia.

You’re Spoilt For Choice with our Broad Range of Products & Services

Fonko prides itself in providing a temperature control solution for every customer. Whether you live in the smallest house or work inside a massive warehouse or office building, we have the right unit for you. We do central air conditioning systems for homes and businesses, so the size of your property is not an obstacle. What do we offer?

A Highly Skilled Team Of Experts With A Breadth Of Experience

The challenge of the changing seasons is that you require an adaptable solution to navigate them throughout the year. One of the best solutions is to install a central air conditioning system that is suited to your specific property. Our team is trained and equipped to give clients advice and showcase a variety of perfect products in this regard. We use our ample industry knowledge and decades of collective experience to prescribe the relevant air conditioning unit for each customer that walks through our doors. Your needs come first, always.

Fonko Products

Residential Air Conditioning Solutions

With each unique home comes a unique temperature control requirement. What you need is likely to be completely different from what your neighbours needs. We cater for this by examining your home and its surroundings before recommending a home air conditioning unit in Auckland or wherever you are based..

Commercial Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Similarly to homes, business properties also have specific requirements that depend on several factors. Whether it’s air conditioning or a commercial-grade refrigerator that you require, we’ve got you covered.

Our commercial offerings include:

  • Commercial Refrigeration
  • Control Systems
  • Cold Stores
  • Commercial Air Conditioning
  • EPTA Refrigerated Cabinets

Fonko Service

Product Design

We provide tailored solutions for our clients, which means they always get the very best we have to offer.

Professional Installation

Our team is available to install units, so there are no screws left undone at the end of the day.

Maintenance & Repairs

If you already have a unit installed, we provide regular maintenance services and repairs in case anything goes wrong.

Home Heat pump sales and installation Auckland

Commercial air conditioning and refrigeration Nationwide

  • Wires & Stuff

    Fonko Air Conditioning and Refrigeration specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of commercial refrigeration in Nationwide. Read More >>

    Commercial Refrigeration

  • Control Systems

    Fonko Air Conditioning & Refrigeration brings you the world’s leading access control systems for commercial refrigeration applications. Contact us for more information Read More >>

    Control Systems

  • Cold Store

    Fonko Air Conditioning & Refrigeration is the premier cold room manufacturer in Auckland. For more information or for a quote, get in contact with us today. Read More >>

    Cold Stores

  • Duct Sysytem

    Fonko Air Conditioning & Refrigeration provides design, manufacture and installation services of commercial air conditioning in Nationwide. Contact us today Read More >>

    Commercial Air Conditioning

  • Commerial Refrigeration

    Fonko Air Conditioning & Refrigeration provides full Commercial refrigeration designs and mechanical HVAC designs Nationwide, with producer statements & CAD drafting Read More >>

    Commercial Refrigeration

  • Another Maintenance Pic

    Fonko Air Conditioning & Refrigeration provides 24/7 Service & Maintenance for commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Read More >>

    24/7 Maintenance

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