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The Added Advantages Of Installing A Heat Pump In Your House This Summer

Don’t misconstrue the installation of a heat pump for house as being an autumn or winter activity. Planning ahead can save you time, money and be convenient for the coming months. It is a sound decision in getting your house ready for the blistery cold days that will soon be upon us before you even know it. And if you are currently in the process of renovating your home or constructing a new property, there is no better time to fit a heat pump into your building plans. Not only do heat pumps act as sufficient and well-performing alternatives to air conditioners, but they also are multi-purpose and can be … Read More

Cooling Down Your Home This Season With A Home Air Conditioning Unit

With the increase in temperatures we’re experiencing, homeowners are bound to see an increase in their energy bills for the next few months. And while many look to conventional methods of saving money this summer, with blocking any airways and restricting the use of their home air conditioning unit in Auckland – this is not a practical solution to cooling down your home without incurring higher costs. At Fonko, we have compiled a useful list of tips for homeowners to utilise this summer in preparation for the hottest days. While some of these are easy to implement methods, others will require a technician and though that can seem like an … Read More

First EPTA FTE CO2 System in New Zealand

FONKO would like to congratulate Pak’n Save Botany on their recently completed Refrigeration Retro-fit. This store represents the latest in EPTA FTE CO2 technology and is the first of its kind in New Zealand. FONKO is proud to have been involved with the design, procurement and installation of the project, bringing energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology as well as enhancing the the customer experience in the store. hashtag#refrigeration hashtag#co2 hashtag#energyefficient  

New World Metro Shore City Opens Doors

New World Metro Shore City Opens Doors

14th November, 2019 marked the opening of New World Metro Shore City. FONKO has been responsible for designing and delivering a Full EPTABlue waterloop system for the refrigeration as well as all Mechanical ventilation modifications in the new supermarket. With Cabinets and Plant only arriving in the country 2 weeks ago and a compressed Program, it has been an amazing team effort from the FONKO team to get this store to a position where it was able to open today. Special thanks to Jim Power, Neil Ingledew, Megan, Martin, Shaun, David Bell, Jisho, Jarek and the rest of the team who went above and beyond in the last week to … Read More

What Is A Heat Pump And Why Do I Need One?

Temperature regulation in your home is a necessary part of modern life. We all want to return home and be able to relax and unwind in absolute comfort, without needing to worry about shivering during winter or overheating during the summer months. While there are several options in terms of temperature-controlled air circulation solutions, heat pumps Auckland are by far the most cost-effective. What Is A Heat Pump? Essentially, heat pumps divert warm air from one area to a designated end location. Just as most of the appliances such as fridges generate heat and pump it out to maintain its assigned temperature, heat pumps function on basically the same principle. … Read More

Thinking About Home Air Conditioning? Here’s How To Choose The Right Size

Summer’s well in gear, and nothing beats the comfort of having crisp, fresh air pumping through your home when it’s sweltering hot outside. If you’re considering investing in an air conditioning Auckland unit in your home, there are a few things to keep in mind before making your selection. If you’ve done a bit of research, you’ll have discovered the multiple brands and sizes of units available, all of which can be quite confusing when it comes to knowing which one will work best in the room you’ve got in mind. We’ve compiled a helpful list of tips to assist and get you on the right track. 1) The Size … Read More

First-Time Buyers Guide To Heat Pumps

As a construction-industry business owner or manager, you may be tasked with finding heating and cooling methods for the new properties you help to build. Contractors have to find affordable options and business partners that can easily integrate heating and cooling into their building plans. And as a first-time buyer or project manager, you may be unsure of what to consider when purchasing Auckland heat pumps from the supplier. Placement, design, and efficiency are all factors that can enhance a space or negatively impact the heating in a home or office. As specialists in HVAC systems, commercial air conditioning, ducting and ventilation – Fonko has developed a helpful guide to … Read More

Questions to Ask Your Heat Pump Service Provider Before Installation

Homeowners may find themselves considering HVAC solutions for many reasons for their property. These can include cost-savings factors, energy-efficiency for heating and cooling, and even an increased value on your home once fitted. But for those who have no or little knowledge of such systems, they tend to go with the first service provider they contacted for a quote. Without comparing solutions available on the market, quality, and professionalism, some may find themselves spending more than they had initially anticipated for their heat pump installation. Shoddy installations and inadequate systems can leave homeowners having to find another service provider to replace or repair their heat pump. This is frustrating for … Read More

The Benefits Of Regular Heat Pump Maintenance and Servicing

As a homeowner, there are many areas of your house to take care of. Installation and maintenance of heating and cooling equipment, structural maintenance and landscape upkeep can all be overwhelming to keep track of. In particular, the maintenance of a heat pump can be taxing, because it needs to be done regularly. Because of this, homeowners try to put it off for as long as possible. But by hiring a heat pump service, it’s comforting knowing that the tedious job is done efficiently by someone who knows what they’re doing. Heat pumps add value to your home and have a specific function, and there are many advantages to regular … Read More

Considerations To Make Before Buying An Aircon For Your Home

As warmer days make their way to us in New Zealand, now may be the perfect time to purchase and install a home air conditioning unit. Homeowners may frantically start searching for the cheapest unit or a unit that will enhance the overall look of their home. Although these are a good consideration to factor in, there’s alot more to think about. An air conditioner has several benefits, such as improved circulation of airflow and air quality. It can also reduce the number of insects entering your home and overall make for a more comfortable living space as temperatures increase during this period. These are probably all reasons that spurred … Read More

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