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Installing a heating and cooling system in a new build

Thinking about your heating and cooling needs now will benefit you in the future. If you’re building a new house, this is the perfect time to start figuring out how to incorporate a temperature control system within the build. Installing a heat pump will help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. When this installation becomes part of the actual build, you have the opportunity to create a bespoke design that is ideal for the size and needs of your new home. Quite often, the installation of a heat pump, which is usually complex and retrofitted, turns out to be much easier when there is unlimited access to … Read More

Causes of high humidity and how to control it

A balanced home is a comfortable home. This is never more true than when it comes to humidity. Too low or too high humidity will destroy this delicate balance. You don’t want it to be higher than 50% or lower than 30%. A humidity level of 45% is ideal. High humidity can cause condensation to form, which means moisture builds up around your home. Too much moisture encourages the growth of mould and mildew. Meanwhile, very low humidity can cause cracks in wood floors and damage to electrical equipment. You may also develop dry skin and increased susceptibility to illness. To measure humidity in your home take readings in different … Read More

What makes a good commercial air conditioning unit

Finding the right commercial air conditioning system is essential for yourself, your employees and your customers. Getting it right means years of comfort at work. As specialists, we’ve put together a complete guide to choosing the best air conditioning system for your business. Fonko firstly needs to understand the requirements of your commercial property. Offering expert advice and support, our team will be able to hone in on the best option for you. To narrow the range of options, we’ll discuss what business you are in, if you have equipment that often overheats without sufficient cooling, and the size of the property/how many rooms require a commercial air conditioner. Commercial … Read More

The reason we offer 24/7 service and maintenance

As a market leader in Commercial HVAC / Mechanical and Commercial Refrigeration, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about the industry. Since we understand that every business is unique and therefore needs vary, we’ve structured our company around being there for yours. Our tailored commercial maintenance programme is aimed at keeping your system up and running without any interruptions to keep your running costs as low as possible. This custom approach is to ensure we meet your requirements for all commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems and get the service you need, when you need, without delay. Always looking to go above and beyond to … Read More

Ducted Is Super Cool On Hot Days

To be honest, every single heat pump we sell will keep you cool over a long and hot summer. Our wall mounted split systems, floor-mounted models and compact cassettes will all do a sensational job. But for overall effectiveness and cost savings, we believe ducted air conditioning is the ultimate home cooler this summer. Ducted air conditioning, such as the ducted heat pump systems we supply and install, have several advantages over other heat pumps. The biggest one is that a central unit can cool every room through a network of ducting that transport cool air to each space. This means there is no such thing as “hot spots” in … Read More

Heat Pump Faults? We’ll Fix Them

With 90% of all heat pump failures due to a lack of ongoing attention, we say that prevention is better than the cure; in other words, regular maintenance by our team is better than repairs, or even a replacement. However, despite your best efforts, there may be times when your heat pump starts doing strange things, and we’ll fix them. After all, we are specialists in heat pump repairs in both Auckland and Wellington. Here are some of the most common “strange things” we resolve. Unusual smells coming from the heat pump are an unpleasant sign that something isn’t quite right. These odours are usually due to a number of … Read More

Your Outdoor Unit Needs Attention. Now!

Obviously, the indoor unit is the most visible part of any heat pump. It’s the thing you operate every day as you cool your home in summer, or warm your home in winter. But in the scheme of things, your heat pump’s outdoor unit is just as important and requires attention, especially at this time of year. As we start to venture outdoors after a long and cold winter, gardening will be high on the list of priorities for you. Spring and summer gardens need a big tidy up as you work to have them looking their best over the warmer months. A lot of that work will involve weeding, … Read More

Clean Your Filters…All Of Them!

You don’t have to be an expert at heat pump servicing to clean the filters in the unit. It’s very easy to do, but something that most people don’t do often enough. You really should clean your heat pump filters every one to two months. Of course, we can do it as part of a regular maintenance programme but if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions it is a relatively simple job that you can do yourself. For more complex servicing though, leave it to the experts like us. While you’re in filter cleaning mode, there are some other ones around the house that could probably do with some attention. Filters … Read More

Set The Right Setting For Spring

Spring is here, and the weather is warmer. When summer comes, the weather will be warmer still. So right now, as you ponder how best to use your air conditioning over these hot months, you may be interested in the best cooling settings for your heat pump. After all, when we refer to air conditioning in New Zealand these days, it is usually heat pumps we have in mind. Unless, of course, you are in a building with the huge air conditioning systems that we proudly design and install. But when it comes to heat pumps for the home or office, you’ll want to select settings that give you the … Read More

Are You Making These Heating Mistakes?

Even in the height of summer, it can get cold. Your home heating needs to be up to scratch whatever the month, and our heat pumps are by far the most effective way to keep your place cosy and comfortable on cooler days. But all the good work our heat pumps do could be undermined by some common home heating mistakes, including these big clangers. Heating an empty house. Why bother heating a house if you’re at work most of the day or just at a movie for a few hours? Many people believe it’s far more energy-efficient and cost-effective to leave their heat pumps running even when they’re not … Read More

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