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Autumn Is Approaching. Are You Ready, Wellington?

Summer won’t last forever. In fact, March the 1st is the first day of Autumn in New Zealand and that signals the start of colder weather, particularly in Wellington. The city’s location and topography make it a cooler setting than many other places around New Zealand, but it’s nothing a fully functioning heat pump can’t fix. In winter, the city’s temperature can get down to 6°C to 10°C on average. Even though it’s very rare to experience snow or frosty conditions in Wellington, a southerly blast can whip through the capital and bring those icy conditions with it – not to mention much, much lower temperatures particularly during the coldest … Read More

Consumer NZ Says It’s Maintenance Time

Consumer NZ was established way back in 1959 – it was known as the Consumer Council back then. The organisation’s name changed to the Consumers’ Institute in 1963 and  became a government-funded entity in 1967. In 1986, the government set up the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and the Consumers’ Institute lost its government funding. So, in 1989, the organisation changed into an incorporated society with funding coming through members’ subscriptions. In 2007, the name was changed again, this time to Consumer New Zealand, and as we write this, the organisation currently has about 90,000 members. Over all these years, and through all the chances, Consumer NZ has been known for … Read More

Let Us Handle Your Commercial Maintenance

We’re known and trusted as experts in heat pump installation in Auckland and Wellington homes. We’re proud of this reputation and we like to think we’re very good at what we do. But there’s much more to us than keeping homes comfortable during all seasons. We’re able to handle the big stuff too, including commercial maintenance. Our fully programmed service to commercial customers gives them plenty of benefits, including on the all-important bottom line. We make maintenance super easy thanks to regularly scheduled checks with guaranteed times and, importantly, prices that are fixed in advance. This allows our clients to factor our reasonable fees into their annual maintenance budget. If … Read More

If You Have Allergies, Heat Pumps Are Not To Be Sniffed At

Spring is the season when some people take on a whole new lease on life. They feel energised, fit and frisky. On the other hand,  there are many other unfortunate people who just feel downright sniffly, sneezy and wheezy. While spring is the season of new life, it is also the season of allergies, and the yellow pollen we’re now seeing everywhere is usually to blame. In spring, trees, grasses, and weeds release pollen grains into the air to fertilize other plants. That’s all well and good for Mother Nature, as this is an important part of the process that allows for new growth everywhere. But at the same time, … Read More

For The Sake Of Your Kids, Service Your Heat Pump

Need a heat pump service in Wellington or Auckland? If you have a young family, then you really do. We’re keen to come to you and ensure your heat pump is in great working order before the weather gets too hot. A well-maintained heat pump is a fantastic cooling device, and will keep everyone comfortable this summer, your kids included. As you’re about to read, young people don’t handle the heat as well as we do. Babies and children must be watched extra carefully during hot summer days because they are at a higher risk of becoming unwell than adults. Babies and children will overheat and become dehydrated very quickly … Read More

Why Choose A Fujitsu Heat Pump?

A Fujitsu heat pump in Auckland homes and businesses is a very popular choice. Fujitsu brands itself as New Zealand’s Favourite Air, and going by the number of Fujitsu heat pump installations we’ve done in recent years, we can see why the brand has that lofty status. Of course, Fujitsu isn’t the only brand of heat pump in New Zealand, so why does it enjoy such singular acclaim from Kiwi consumers? Here are a few excellent reasons: The Perfect Fit. Fujitsu is extremely fussy about installation. They have an accreditation programme for installers like us. This means that we always provide professional installation which is essential for the efficient performance … Read More

We’re Right At Home With Big Commercial Projects

If you want a heat pump supplied and installed in your home, we can easily do that. But if you have a much bigger project in mind, we can handle that too. We’re experts in commercial air conditioning in Auckland (not to mention commercial refrigeration) and we have successfully completed a number of large-scale projects throughout the city. If you need air conditioning or refrigeration on a commercial scale, give us a call and talk us through your project. We’ll handle the rest. We are a full-service business when it comes to commercial air conditioning. This means we will handle all aspects of a big project including design, manufacturing and … Read More

Create A Cool Workplace This Summer

The easiest way to create a cool workplace is to install a Mitsubishi heat pump in Auckland businesses. It’s a highly effective and cost-efficient cooling solution that will make employees happier and productivity higher. But there are other things that can be done to keep the office comfortable. They include: If there are desks by the windows, keep the blinds closed particularly during the hottest times of the day. Turn off unnecessary lighting. It helps to keep the office cooler and also reduces energy costs. As conventional lighting generates vast amounts of heat (about 90% of its energy output is heat instead of light) you might want to consider investing … Read More

Should You Be Looking Up For Your New Heat Pump?

If you ask us to supply and install a Mitsubishi heat pump then we can only congratulate you on your wise decision. These award-winning, world-class heat pumps are star performers in our product range and we highly recommend them. Now that you’ve chosen the right brand, you have to choose the right type. That is an important decision because different heat pumps are better suited to certain situations and requirements. But if you want something that is discreet, and particularly effective at dispersing heat throughout a room, and cooling it when you need it to, then you might want to look up! We’re talking about a ceiling cassette heat pump. … Read More

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