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Why R32 Refrigerant Is Such A Big Deal

It’s winter time, and if you’re keen on buying a brand new Mitsubishi heat pump from us, be sure to ask us about R32 refrigerant. This next-generation refrigerant has heat pump specialists like us very excited, and it should excite you too. You might not think a heat pump refrigerant is something you could get overly enthusiastic about, but if you want to do your bit to look after our planet, and optimise the performance and efficiency of your heat pump, then take it from us – it’s worth your attention. When used in heating mode during winter months, your heat pump’s exterior unit absorbs heat from the cold air … Read More

Don’t Waste All That Glorious Heat

Need someone to supply and install a heat pump in Auckland or Wellington? We’re the experts in that field and will happily do it for you. Our heat pumps are incredible pieces of technology, and there’s no doubt they’re the most efficient way to heat your home. The Energy Star rating organisation states that even the lowest energy efficient pumps are 250% efficient: that means they pump out $2.50 of heat for every $1.00 of electricity you use. Moving up the scale, premium heat pumps on the domestic market are even better performers. They’re up to 500% efficient: that’s $5.00 of heat for every $1.00 spent on electricity. Compare this … Read More

Before You Hibernate, Do These Things

A heat pump in NZ homes and businesses gets more use during the winter months than any other time of the year, and for obvious reasons. But while a heat pump doesn’t go into hibernation over winter, by and large, we humans do. We tend to shut ourselves away when the weather is cold and do very little around the house, especially in comparison to summer. But while it is nice to rest and recharge over winter, perhaps in front of the fire and with a glass of red in hand, we suggest you do a few of these things first. You guessed it. Booking in a heat pump service … Read More

Residential Heat Pump Sales Consultant – Auckland Branch

FONKO has been a leader in the Residential Heat Pump market for nearly 20 years.  As an integral division in the FONKO family we have experienced year on year growth continuously in the greater Auckland Area and Wellington. We are now in a position where we require the services of an experienced and motivated sales professional to continue the sales growth and profitability of the Auckland Office. If you have experience in selling to the Residential Sector and more importantly the ability to convey technical information in a down to earth manor, then we want to talk with you. We are ideally looking a person with Heat Pump sales or … Read More

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