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Put Fujitsu On Your Floor

We supply and install Fujitsu heat pumps because they’re some of the very best in the world. In this country, it is known as “New Zealand’s favourite air” and that is backed up by its enduring popularity in the local marketplace. We highly recommend all Fujitsu heat pump products to you, including their brilliant floor models. Floor standing heat pumps in NZ are gradually gaining popularity because they bring a host of advantages that other types can’t: Floor standing consoles quickly warm a room because they deliver heat at floor level and then, that well known scientific principle kicks in: warm air rises. This means heat soon fills the living … Read More

If You’re Thinking Ducted For Summer, Call Us Now

In our opinion, ducted systems are absolutely brilliant ways to heat and cool homes. They’re particularly well suited for larger homes with a lot of rooms but new and existing houses of any size will enjoy all the benefits that these systems deliver. A lot of our ducted system installations are taking place at the construction stage – but we are just as comfortable setting them up in homes that have been around for decades. As long as there’s sufficient room for the main air conditioning unit, we can make it happen A ducted heat pump system is New Zealand’s modern equivalent of traditional central heating which is still so … Read More

We’ll Deal With Dampness

We are one of the leading suppliers and installers of heat pumps in NZ. When you come to us for a heat pump you know you’ll live in a home that is warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Thanks to our brilliant products, expert installation and ongoing maintenance, you’ll enjoy all of those benefits for many years to come. When you install a heat pump, you’ll also live in a home that is drier and as far as your family’s health is concerned, that is vitally important. Cold homes are damp homes and research has proven that excessive interior moisture is hazardous to the health of everyone residing in … Read More

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