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Your Home: How Is The Air In There?

It seems that modern New Zealand homes are built with one word in mind: airtight. This quality is seen as a prime consideration in enhancing the energy efficiency of new builds. In the homes where we supply and install our heat pumps, this means we see more insulation and tightly sealed doors and windows. While this is all very good for keeping energy costs low, it also means a decrease in indoor air quality. This happens because air has fewer chances to escape, meaning pollutants build up and adversely affect the quality of the air in the home. According to research done by the Environment Protection Agency in the United … Read More

Keep Your Customers Cool

73% of retail consumers say a positive customer experience is one of the biggest factors in influencing their purchasing decision. Meanwhile, 42% say they’d pay more if they felt really comfortable. Well, we have just the thing to make your customers enjoy a cooler experience in every sense of the word – our air conditioning solutions! We are leaders in both residential and commercial air conditioning so we can keep your customers cool this summer whether you need a single heat pump for a smaller shop, or a more complex air conditioning system for larger premises. Or maybe you already have air conditioning of some sort and it’s long overdue … Read More

Our Cold Storage Solutions Are Planet-Friendly

When it comes to the design and installation of commercial refrigeration systems, we know only too well that you have a choice. Several choices, actually! But if you want a commercial cold storage solution that incorporates superior design and materials, alongside a world-leading access control system as well as a refrigerant that is very good for the planet, we are industry leaders and the first company to contact.  One of our major points of difference over many other companies in our sphere is we have become one of the few organisations in New Zealand that is able to design and install environmentally friendly transcritical CO2 systems. You might be surprised … Read More

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