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The Two Main Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Commercial vs Residential Air Conditioning Air conditioning is the best solution to control the temperature, humidity, and air quality of a property. At Fonko, we provide both commercial air conditioning and residential air conditioning. Commercial Air Conditioning We’ve provided commercial air conditioning for; major supermarket chains, retail developments, apartment buildings and complexes, distribution centres and commercial offices. Commercial air conditioning systems are typically larger and more powerful than residential air conditioning systems, as they need to be able to cool and dehumidify large spaces quickly and efficiently. These systems come in a range of types, such as: Rooftop Units Split Systems Hi-wall Cassette Ducted Residential Air Conditioning Helping homeowners with … Read More

5 Tips to Keep Your Offices Cool This Summer

Stay Cool at Work with Air Conditioning As excited as New Zealand is for summer, it brings with it worries of working in uncomfortably sweltering heats for the coming months. It’s not always easy to keep our offices cool and working with open windows can invite its fair share of noise pollution and insects – which isn’t so fun. The best way to overcome this summer’s problems is with a quality air conditioning unit from the world’s best brands. Here are five tips to stay cool this summer and enjoy the sun rather than resent it. SERVICING Check to make sure your air conditioning system is in good working order … Read More

What are the features of a cold room?

A range of companies and businesses do benefit from having cold room storage on-site, and many more would benefit from installing a cold storage facility. The reasons for use range from perishable products such as food and drink to pharmaceuticals, and are used in hospitality, catering companies and florists. So what exactly do we mean by this and is there a difference between a cold room and cold storage?   What is the Difference Between a Cold Room and Cold Storage? These two terms are much of the same. Whether it is a cold room or cold storage, they both mean and do the same thing. One could argue cold … Read More

A Guide to the Benefits of Ducted Heat Pump Systems

At one time or another, we’ve all suffered from the less-than-predictable New Zealand climate. Red hot sun one minute and cloudy, blustery cold the next. Going through seasonal changes can take its toll and many of us suffer from weather fatigue. It takes large amounts of energy for our bodies to maintain a healthy and consistent body temperature, especially in ever-changing environments. All this energy use can cause us to feel tired and sluggish. Fortunately, there is a way to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature no matter the time of year. Ducted heat pumps can ensure your home or office is set to the same temperature 365 days a year, … Read More

How to select the right heat pump for you

A Guide To Selecting The Correct Heat Pump For You How do you know what makes a good heat pump, who the top industry brands are and where to go to purchase a system and get it expertly installed? Today we are going to explain all in this great guide to choosing a heat pump for your home or commercial property. Heat pumps are a perfect solution to both heating and cooling your property efficiently. One system can do it all to provide a comfortable temperature-controlled environment for all, no matter the season.    Finding the right company to install your heat pump As the number one heat pump installer … Read More

Our Top Tips For Commercial Refrigeration Care

The use of commercial refrigeration is essential for certain companies in providing secure temperature-controlled storage for a number of purposes. Having a cared for and well-functioning refrigeration system is critical to preserving a number of products, whether it be food, medicine or others. The best way to ensure your commercial refrigerator’s ongoing functionality is to look after it with regular maintenance and care. Learn more about how to look after your system and the best way to prevent failure. Always close the doors when not in use It sounds simple, but it isn’t uncommon for staff members to leave refrigerator doors open as they come back and forth from loading … Read More

How to clean your filters and maintain your heat pump

Having a heat pump is one of the best additions you can add for a happy home or comfortable office. They provide heating and cooling, to be used year-round in order to maintain a constant temperature as chosen by you. After a long winter, your heat pump will be due for a spring clean before summer arrives and in this guide, we’re going to teach you how to complete regular cleaning yourself. Don’t wait for your heat pump filters to build up Regular cleaning improves the effectiveness and longevity of heat pumps, as well as helping to promote good health by removing dust and pathogens from your unit. It is … Read More

Heat Pumps And The Associated Costs

How Much Do Heat Pumps Cost To Install And Run? Heat pumps are priceless when the New Zealand temperatures plummet and we are forced to endure months of cold. We all want a comfortable and cosy environment at home and at work to help our productivity and enjoyment. What are the costs associated with heat pumps though? We take a look at what they cost and if they are worth it. Costs Units When purchasing the system, you need to take into account the size of the unit and if it suits your space. Buying a unit that is too weak means it will have to work hard to attain … Read More

Heat Pumps: Do they need servicing?

Do Heat Pumps Need Servicing And What Does It Entail? It’s winter and it’s cold. It is the time of year you need your heat pump most. Mornings are never easy and that’s multiplied tenfold when it’s freezing. Our top tip is to utilise the timer mode on your smart heat pump and schedule it to come on as you wake up or enter the office, so you don’t start the day in a bad mood.  It’s common to take your heat pump for granted when it’s working well. It’s one of those things we don’t give much thought to but there is one important aspect of maintenance that must … Read More

Ducted Air Conditioning Explained | Fonko

Ducted Air Conditioning Explained In the unpredictable climate of Auckland, air conditioning is of growing importance. As an industry leader in commercial air conditioning, we’ve provided services for major supermarket chains, offices, distribution centres, in retail and real estate. Our incomparable service, manufacturing and installation process is made simple as we provide businesses with state of the art ducted air conditioning systems, the elite choice for air-con. But that begs the question, what exactly is a ducted air conditioning unit and how does it work? Well, to find this out and more, read on to learn exactly why ducted systems are the best choice for commercial properties. What is a … Read More

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