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The Two Main Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Commercial vs Residential Air Conditioning Air conditioning is the best solution to control the temperature, humidity, and air quality of a property. At Fonko, we provide both commercial air conditioning and residential air conditioning. Commercial Air Conditioning We’ve provided commercial air conditioning for; major supermarket chains, retail developments, apartment buildings and complexes, distribution centres and commercial offices. Commercial air conditioning systems are typically larger and more powerful than residential air conditioning systems, as they need to be able to cool and dehumidify large spaces quickly and efficiently. These systems come in a range of types, such as: Rooftop Units Split Systems Hi-wall Cassette Ducted Residential Air Conditioning Helping homeowners with … Read More

5 Tips to Keep Your Offices Cool This Summer

Stay Cool at Work with Air Conditioning As excited as New Zealand is for summer, it brings with it worries of working in uncomfortably sweltering heats for the coming months. It’s not always easy to keep our offices cool and working with open windows can invite its fair share of noise pollution and insects – which isn’t so fun. The best way to overcome this summer’s problems is with a quality air conditioning unit from the world’s best brands. Here are five tips to stay cool this summer and enjoy the sun rather than resent it. SERVICING Check to make sure your air conditioning system is in good working order … Read More

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