The Added Advantages Of Installing A Heat Pump In Your House This Summer

Don’t misconstrue the installation of a heat pump for house as being an autumn or winter activity. Planning ahead can save you time, money and be convenient for the coming months. It is a sound decision in getting your house ready for the blistery cold days that will soon be upon us before you even know it. And if you are currently in the process of renovating your home or constructing a new property, there is no better time to fit a heat pump into your building plans.

Not only do heat pumps act as sufficient and well-performing alternatives to air conditioners, but they also are multi-purpose and can be used to cool or heat up rooms. Because of the energy-efficiency benefit of them as well, homeowners can revel in lower energy bills in any season. Here are the reasons why installing a heat pump in your home makes sense.

Planning Ahead Can Be Financially Advantageous

Because the demand for heat pump installations increases in colder months, most suppliers will adjust their prices accordingly, but installation in summer can sometimes be more cost-effective with a savings benefit. It can also be quite frustrating trying to have an installation done in winter, because of having to endure the cold during the installation process. One can monitor their heat pump over the next few months, noting any issues and addressing them so that by the time winter comes, it is in optimal working condition. At Fonko, we offer affordable prices year-round for our customers’ convenience, that meet any budgetary constraints. We also assure every customer of high-quality installations and are ready to assist with regular servicing once fitted.

Simple And Quick Installation 

Using professionals means that homeowners are guaranteed of an installation that is done efficiently and as quickly as possible. Installations can be hastened when unobstructed and clear instructions are provided by the homeowner, and a professional will also always assess the house and provide a rough project schedule that they adhere to. We will always strive to finish installation within a specified timeframe and can assure customers that any surprises have allowances to meet the deadline.

Visually Appealing Addition 

Unlike some other heating and cooling systems, you can cleverly disguise a heat pump with all the major cabling hidden behind walls and ceilings. With no exposure on either side of a building, space can appear clear and clean of any protruding pipes or trunking. When combined with changing seasons, some homeowners may feel like a change of paint in their living room towards autumn and can easily redecorate without the worry of numerous external cables hanging around as the heat pump installation will have already been completed.

Although not a common choice, installing heat pumps for houses in summer can be a smart decision for the long-term. It gives homeowners time to set in a routine for servicing, cleaning and maintenance work as well as allows families to revel in the benefits of heat pumps – such as much better quality air over the change in seasons. To book your installation – contact us today.

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