Bernoulli Gardens Apartments Underway

Bernoulli Gardens Apartments in Hobsonville is underway with Building 1 nearing completion and work already started on buildings 2 & 3 – Buildings 4 & 5 to start in the new year.  The FONKO team has been working diligently with Bracewell Construction to keep this project ontrack. A design and build project, FONKO is providing Air Conditioning and Extract ventilation to all 5 buildings as well as carpark ventilation in Building 1.

EPTA Group – Product Release

Bonnet Névé SkyShine changes the landscape of the frozen department with the first semivertical negative cabinet of the SkyEffect range. It is a never seen before innovation that places maximum emphasis on the presentation of the displayed products and assures a double load capacity, for the best shopping experience.

New World Whangaparoa.

Congratulations to Penny Ashton and Foodstuffs for the opening of New World Whangaparoa. Both the Mechanical HVAC and Trans-critical CO2 Refrigeration Systems were installed by the team at FONKO for this project. Special thanks to the project teams run by Jim Ward and Jim Power for delivering a great result especially considering the opening was bought forward so trading could begin before the Christmas rush. This is FONKO’s first Refrigeration installation and with the help of ARNEG S.p.A it has been a huge success. We look forward to our next project which is New World Milford.

New World Whangaparoa Supermarket

Fonko has been engaged by Savory Construction to provide the Mechanical Air Conditioning and Ventilation as well as the Refrigeration plant for the New World Whangaparoa Supermarket, due to open in December 2015. The state of the art Trans-critical CO2 refrigeration plant offers refrigeration using natural refrigerants with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1. Which is much lower than conventional refrigerants used.

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