Project Description

June 2018 saw the opening of New World Feilding - with a state of art, environmentally friendly refrigeration system designed by FONKO utilizing EPTA refrigeration plant and cabinets.
This is the first supermarket in New Zealand with both EPTA CO2 Trans-critical plant and EPTA refrigerated display cabinets. The combination of which offers the owners an efficient, environmental friendly and economically superior refrigeration system. FONKO were awarded the design, supply and installation of the system by Foodstuffs N.I. and have delivered on all KPI's required on this new development.

Project Specification

The Refrigeration plant and display cabinets are controlled by RDM (Resource Data Management) controls from the UK. RDM is the only control manufacturer to offer a 5 year warranty on their equipment and there easy to use and maintain equipment is a market leader in the UK and European supermarket industry. With the ability to view the operation of this system from anywhere in the world, FONKO will be able to quickly detect and diagnose any issues 24 hours a day as well as the owner being able to monitor how the his refrigeration equipment is being managed by his staff at all times.

CO2 is a natural refrigerant which has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1, where most traditional refrigerants have GWP’s in the 2300 to 4100 range.

Trans-critical CO2 also has a massive heat rejection which can be harnessed to provide free heating for store comfort and hot water.

New World Feilding is the 8th Trans-critical CO2 installation by FONKO in the past 2 years. During this time FONKO has quickly become one of the market leaders in designing and installing this technology with in New Zealand. With New Zealand leading the way in the uptake of CO2 technology FONKO is now regarded as a leader in Supermarket Trans-critical CO2 in Australasia.


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