Consider Fonko for your commercial cooling fitout

The benefits of air conditioning outway the costs when it comes to the comfort and happiness of your staff and customers. When it comes to the office, there’s nothing worse than being in a hot, stuffy room which has a negative effect on productivity and concentration. Air conditioning systems can help with this.

Thanks to a simple system consisting of a fan and a compressor, the room temperature will always be kept cool during the hot season. In addition, the airflow is controlled, which means that the temperature will be evenly distributed throughout the room. A well-installed system will be able to cool the room without vibration or noise, so you can only feel the difference, but not hear it.

It’s important to note that air conditioning systems are often one of the most overlooked systems in an office. Upgrading your air conditioning system allows you to include energy efficiency features. Whether it’s in economy mode, Wi-Fi control, or self-cleaning features, there’s always a way to save more on your electricity bill. For example, sensors allow the system to enter a power-saving mode after a room has been vacant for a period of time.

As with energy efficiency technologies, air filter technologies are also evolving. Now you can get systems that target everything from bacterial spores to bad odours. Advanced filters help protect employees from respiratory illnesses associated with polluted air. Even if the system that was in your office before was not malfunctioning, a commercial air conditioning service can still be an upgrade.

People often neglect to sign up for commercial air conditioning servicing, however, maintenance of the air conditioning system is also important when renovating or renovating an office.

An upgrade will allow you to get the right size system for your office. In an ideal world, controllers would have the same settings. No more trouble managing large office systems. Upgrading the air conditioning system will allow you to exercise centralised control for a simple and easy way to manage the office temperature.

If you are interested in upgrading your current system or adding a new air conditioning system to your commercial property, get in touch with us today for expert advice. We can talk you through the whole process and answer any questions you have.

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