Considerations To Make Before Buying An Aircon For Your Home

As warmer days make their way to us in New Zealand, now may be the perfect time to purchase and install a home air conditioning unit. Homeowners may frantically start searching for the cheapest unit or a unit that will enhance the overall look of their home. Although these are a good consideration to factor in, there’s alot more to think about.

An air conditioner has several benefits, such as improved circulation of airflow and air quality. It can also reduce the number of insects entering your home and overall make for a more comfortable living space as temperatures increase during this period. These are probably all reasons that spurred on your decision to consider purchasing a home air conditioning unit, but have you considered its cooling capacity? What about your budget? Can you keep up with the maintenance schedule? Here’s a guide to help you make the best decision on your next purchase.

Setting A Budget

Buying the first cheap unit you see isn’t a good financial decision. But before you even get to that stage, you need to set a budget and start shopping around before deciding. Without a budget, you may not be certain of how much you can afford, which can lead to overspending. Let sales agents know what your budget is and enquire about after-sale service benefits too. Ask about any additional costs there may be in the future as well as the installation costs involved. These need to be factored into your budget beforehand.

Determine The Size

Any service provider would be happy to do a comprehensive home visit to determine what size unit would be most suitable. Most brands and models come with adjustable cooling speeds and temperature, but this won’t count if the unit is wrong for the room size. If a large unit is installed into a small room, it can lead to excessive power being wasted and makes the living space uncomfortable. If a small unit is installed in a bigger room, it can have the opposite effect and be insufficient to cool down the entire space.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular servicing is a big commitment to undertake when installing a unit in your home. This is an investment that will add value to your home, so it’s in your best interest to ensure maintenance and cleaning is a priority. This can seem unnecessary but keeping to the service manual guide will lengthen the lifespan of your unit while ensuring your family is breathing in clean, healthy air.

Brands, energy efficiency and placement are other factors you should consider before deciding on which air conditioning model to purchase The process shouldn’t be an overwhelming exercise and our team at Fonko are ready to help you purchase the right air conditioner for your family and your home.

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