Consumer NZ Says It’s Maintenance Time

Consumer NZ was established way back in 1959 – it was known as the Consumer Council back then. The organisation’s name changed to the Consumers’ Institute in 1963 and  became a government-funded entity in 1967. In 1986, the government set up the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and the Consumers’ Institute lost its government funding. So, in 1989, the organisation changed into an incorporated society with funding coming through members’ subscriptions. In 2007, the name was changed again, this time to Consumer New Zealand, and as we write this, the organisation currently has about 90,000 members.

Over all these years, and through all the chances, Consumer NZ has been known for providing excellent advice that Kiwis can trust. So when they say it’s time for a heat pump service in Wellington and Auckland, you can believe them! As specialists in Auckland and Wellington heat pump maintenance, we can confirm that they are on the money with this hot tip.

According to Consumer NZ, if you use a heat pump mainly for heating purposes then you should book in a maintenance check every Autumn. And when you look at the calendar, and how close we are to March 1, then that means now is the time to contact us. Furthermore, Consumer NZ says if you also use a heat pump for cooling purposes on a regular basis you should book another check for Spring, just before the warmer months of summer arrive.

How often you service your heat pump is up to you. Once a year is certainly better than never, and we say that through years of experience. The heat pump is probably the most under-serviced appliance in New Zealand homes. Many people think an occasional clean of the filters is enough to keep the heat pump going for years and years. It isn’t. To extend their lifespan and give you the decades of service they’re capable of, heat pumps must receive a comprehensive service which involves much more than a filter clean. For example, electrical components and wiring need to be checked, as do things like coils and fan blades, fault diagnostics, general operation and the outside unit as well.

These things are not something we expect you to check out – and nor should you. It requires skilled and highly trained technicians like us to deal with the more intricate and complex aspects of the service and maintenance process. So, when it is time for that to happen – and according to Consumer NZ, that time is now – contact us and we’ll be there in a flash.

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