Cooling Down Your Home This Season With A Home Air Conditioning Unit

With the increase in temperatures we’re experiencing, homeowners are bound to see an increase in their energy bills for the next few months. And while many look to conventional methods of saving money this summer, with blocking any airways and restricting the use of their home air conditioning unit in Auckland – this is not a practical solution to cooling down your home without incurring higher costs.

At Fonko, we have compiled a useful list of tips for homeowners to utilise this summer in preparation for the hottest days. While some of these are easy to implement methods, others will require a technician and though that can seem like an unnecessary cost, can actually be beneficial for the future. These are our top three tips to keeping cool this summer, without spending more than you expected.

Service Your Unit For Optimal Performance 

Regular servicing and maintenance is a must for high-performing air conditioner units. However, many of us forget about the importance of doing so and following service schedules can become the last item on our to-do list for the summer. But calling out a professional early in summer or just before to perform an annual and monthly check-up can be extremely helpful. They can alert you to any duct leaks, clear up any debris to ensure unobstructed airflow and inspect the unit thoroughly to assess its performance and cooling functionality.

Utilise Your Unit Properly 

Switching your air conditioner on and off every few minutes is very ineffective. Rather leave it on for a while, adjusting the temperatures to maintain a pleasant level in the room. It can also be useful to install a timer on your unit, to automatically switch on and off, which is beneficial if you are on your way home. This is helpful to users that do not want to wait for a room to cool down but instead have it sufficiently cooled beforehand to ensure that there is no power wastage. Once switched on, you can switch it off as soon as you get home as your home will be adequately cooled.

Manage The Cool Air In Your Home 

In addition to prioritising your unit, ensuring that you keep cool air within your home can make for better usage and power savings. By closing doors and windows, one can retain the temperature in a room easily. If you plan on cooking towards the afternoon, do so with a window and door open to allow for airflow so that as soon as you switch on your aircon, it can work quickly without the risk of trapping heat.

Receiving a shocking energy bill towards the end of the month can be stressful, especially when it’s not an expense you budgeted for at all. And so, regular servicing and proper use of your home air conditioning unit in Auckland can help you avoid any surprises this summer. Speak to us at Fonko, to help service your unit and assure you that yours is in good working condition.

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