Create A Cool Workplace This Summer

The easiest way to create a cool workplace is to install a Mitsubishi heat pump in Auckland businesses. It’s a highly effective and cost-efficient cooling solution that will make employees happier and productivity higher. But there are other things that can be done to keep the office comfortable. They include:

  • If there are desks by the windows, keep the blinds closed particularly during the hottest times of the day.
  • Turn off unnecessary lighting. It helps to keep the office cooler and also reduces energy costs. As conventional lighting generates vast amounts of heat (about 90% of its energy output is heat instead of light) you might want to consider investing in LED lighting which is cooler in every sense of the word!
  • While it’s nice to let a cool breeze waft in through the windows, during summer that breeze is often warm and causing the office temperature to rise as the day progresses. So, on a hot breezy day, you’re better off keeping windows closed.
  • Turn off office equipment that you’re not using, namely computers, scanners, and photocopiers that can all generate quite a lot of heat.
  • Invest in laptop cooling stands for your team. If there are a lot of people using laptops in the office, all the heat they’re generating will be reduced by fan-driven cooling stands.
  • Remind your team to stay hydrated and buy a small fridge for the office so they can keep their water bottles nice and cold, and not have to disappear to the morning tea room all the time.
  • Everyone will stay a lot cooler if they ease up on hot drinks like tea and coffee. While you can’t force your employees to give up these things, you can buy a water dispenser and fill it with iced water and pieces of fruit for added flavour. This is better for them than caffeine and being hydrated will actually lead to more productive workers than excess caffeine ever will.
  • Encourage your team to spray their face with a mist of water from a spray bottle – but not too close to electrical equipment. Your team can also place their wrists under cool running tap water for several seconds every hour to cool their pulse points. This makes a noticeable difference.

All of these things will help you create a cooler workplace this summer, and the pay off will be a more productive team who will perform more efficiently and make fewer errors in their work. Things will be even more comfortable with the installation of a heat pump and we’re the people to talk to about that!

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