Epta for bennet smart in Lecco, the first supermarket aimed at #Millennials

Bennet is launching the brand-new “bennet smart” format, and has turned to Epta for the restyling of its store in Le Piazze Shopping Centre in Lecco. This is a long-running collaboration, and is renewed today on the basis of its watchwords: technology, quality, practicality, and the utmost respect for the environment, to create a new concept of a store, which offers “sensible shopping” to the new generations and caters to the needs of the modern consumer.
The challenge for Epta was to create a fresh and frozen food department with an innovative layout, designed to reduce the dispersive effect of large supermarkets and guarantee a simpler and faster daily shopping experience, while highlighting the excellence of the rich selection of products. And so the focus is on self-service cabinets, which also replace the “antique” serve-over counters in the Butchery and Delicatessen departments. The GRANFIT Costan range, with its full-length glass doors and its minimalist and coordinated design, is ideal for lending a contemporary touch and a uniform look & feel. The GranVista vertical chilled cabinets, the Aeria Next semi-verticals with their exclusive sliding doors and the GranBering freezer cabinets present the infinite proposals of bennet smart, designed to promote a healthy and mindful daily diet, with the convenience of having everything at your fingertips.
The wide assortment is also expressed through the rich variety of ‘fourth range’ ready-prepared produce, displayed in the ultra-slim Keplero Next refrigerated table cabinet – which has stunning minimal visual impact – and the frozen ready meals, enhanced by the great transparency of the Tortuga cabinet.
Genuine “sensible shopping” must go hand in hand with the adoption of technologically advanced solutions: in addition to the closed cabinets, the store has also installed an ECO2 SMALL transcritical CO2 system and the FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency system, which significantly reduce energy consumption and make bennet smart “naturally” green. Lastly, the installation is completed by the remote monitoring and scheduled maintenance service provided by the EptaService brand, a further guarantee of the best possible food preservation.

EPTA Bennets Supermarket Refrigeration

EPTA energy saving cabinets - Skyview Plus

EPTA Skyview Plus – Cheese case with doors

EPTA Glass door freezer cabinet

EPTA SKYLIGHT – Upright Freezer Cabinet

EPTA Energy saving cabinet

EPTA Semi Vertical Glass Door Mid Temp cabinet

EPTA Energy efficient glass door cabinet

EPTA Semi Vertical Produce Cabinet – Glass Doors

EPTA integral display cabinets

EPTA integral cake cabinets

EPTA Food to go integral display cabinets

EPTA Semi vertical -Integral display cabinets

EPTA Trough freezer -Maximum visual display

EPTA Freezer Trough – 100% opening glass sliders

EPTA Meat display cabinets

EPTA Semi vertical Meat Display cabinets with Glass doors for maximum energy efficency

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