First-Time Buyers Guide To Heat Pumps

As a construction-industry business owner or manager, you may be tasked with finding heating and cooling methods for the new properties you help to build. Contractors have to find affordable options and business partners that can easily integrate heating and cooling into their building plans. And as a first-time buyer or project manager, you may be unsure of what to consider when purchasing Auckland heat pumps from the supplier.

Placement, design, and efficiency are all factors that can enhance a space or negatively impact the heating in a home or office. As specialists in HVAC systems, commercial air conditioning, ducting and ventilation – Fonko has developed a helpful guide to help you make a better decision for your project.

Making The Right Choice

Understanding how a heat pump operates is the first consideration in deciding on one for your next remodelling or construction project. The device pulls air from outside, heats it and flows it back into a building. It is not reliant on heating elements, which makes it a more practical installation method versus other alternative heating methods. This allows for energy efficiency and savings and can be used for cooling too.

Depending on the scale of the home, office building or retail space, it is essential to determine an accurately sized heat pump that is required. Smaller heat pumps will not be sufficient in large open buildings, and bigger ones will make for an uncomfortable space as well as consume more electricity than needed. This is an essential consideration that a reputable business partner such as Fonko can assist with. Service providers will be able to understand your project’s objectives and quote you based on specific dimensions rather than guessing what you need.


Installation is the second aspect; any building or project manager will need to think about it carefully. Heat pumps require electrical applications, which means that you will need certified tradespeople to complete the installation. The advantage of hiring a comprehensive service provider is that they will provide all the required registered technicians required for a project, rather than you having to hire each one individually; ensuring that the installation of your heat pumps is done at a consistent level with complete standardisation. Part of this aspect is considering the location of a heat pump which can affect installation too. High wall units or floor units, depending on the purpose of a space, can be easily distinguished by a trusted service provider.


Lastly, is the cost associated with heat pumps in Auckland. Several factors can increase or decrease the price, and this will have a direct impact on your project budget. At Fonko, we will quote you on the size of the heat pump required, the type of wiring needed for installation and the lengths of piping and capping to be used.

We offer upfront costs, professional services and expertise to assist first-time commercial buyers of these heating devices. To learn more about our heat pumps Auckland or any of our other products and services we offer to support your business – call us at Fonko today.

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