Five Questions To Ask Your Heat Pump Installer

If you want to save on energy bills and also live in a comfortable, temperature-controlled home all year round, you need to look into heat pump installation. Heat pumps are popular in Auckland for being a two-in-one appliance, but you want to choose the right installer. Use these five questions to find the best service provider.

Are They Certified?

Regardless of what kind of heat pump installation you’re planning, you need to make sure that the technician doing the job is adequately certified and experienced to do it. A heat pump is an expensive investment to install in your home, and its energy efficiency can be significantly compromised if it’s installed incorrectly. If you want to save money on energy, make sure that your installation team knows what they’re doing – with the certification and experience to prove it.

Do They Provide A Decent Warranty?

Most appliances come with a warranty after they’ve been installed, and heat pumps are no different. Because they’re costly, essential appliances, a warranty should be provided to protect both you and your purchase. The point of a guarantee is to offer repair services or a full replacement if your heat pump malfunctions before the warranty is up. The better the brand of your heat pump system, the better your warranty will be. If your provider or installer doesn’t provide one, you’d be better off looking elsewhere for the same service.

How Long Have They Been In Business?

An excellent way to tell whether your heat pump installation technician is a reliable choice is how long they’ve been in operation. Although most who haven’t been in business for many years are also trustworthy, it’s easier to have confidence in an installer with years of experience. They will have seen and done everything and would be familiar with both older and newer heat pump models.

Can They Provide References?

References go a long way in helping you make a decision. You can request a list of references, but they might only link you to people who were satisfied with their service, which means they’re biased. You can look for online reviews for more reliable references, where you’ll see the good and the bad from previous clients.

There’s no such thing as being too picky when looking for an Auckland-based heat pump installation team. You want to be sure that your choice has the experience and certification needed to get the job done right, so use these questions to find the right installer for you.

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