1st FTE Commissioned in New Zealand

The First EPTA FTE (Full Trans-critical Efficiency) CO2 system has just been commissioned at Pak’n Save Botany, Auckland

Commissioning was finished moments before the NZ Governments decision to put the country into Alert Level 3 & 4.  With the assistance of Jon Sheehan, EPTA UK, FONKO have commissioned the first FTE system in NZ offering  the store 10-12% energy savings over standard Trans-critical CO2 systems.  The patented system was developed by EPTA in Europe and has been designed to offer energy savings in all ambient conditions.

FTE achieves its dramatic efficiencies 365 days of the year by increasing evaporating temperatures.  This equates to  2.5 – 3% saving for each degree raised and unlike ejector technology offers this saving in all ambient conditions, meaning energy savings all year round.

While being efficient the FTE system also increases reliability by reducing the compressor discharge temperatures, it also improves the quality of the liquid being supplied to the Low Temperature fixtures, improving their performance.  The oil system functionality is maintained and this has been Certified by Global leading Compressor Manufacturer, Bitzer.

The system was been provided to Foodstuffs N.I. by FONKO as a trial and has the capability to be turned on and off to demonstrate energy consumption with and without the FTE operating.  This data will be presented to Foodstuffs N.I. to show the benefits of the system in an operational store.  Unlike many energy saving data that use “paper” figures, or try to compare separate stores in different regions or different capacities – this PnS Botany trial will be able to show the data post retro-fit, with and with out the FTE operational.

Pak'n Save Botany - Site of first FTE in NZ

Patented FTE system installed at PnS Botany

Jon Sheehan - EPTA UK, Jim Power & Colin George - FONKO

EPTA / FONKO collaboration to commission the first FTE CO2 system in NZ

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