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The well-being of our employees, customers, contractors, suppliers and the general public are the primary focus of FONKO.

 We are continually monitoring the COVID-19 updates from the Ministry of Health.  Operationally FONKO’s overarching strategy in response to COVID-19 is to lower the risk of exposure by greatly reducing the level of contact between individuals and by promoting excellent hygiene.

Due to the rapid changes in policy concerning the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic the FONKO Directors have resolved to make the following requirements mandatory on our building sites and in our head office.

After consulting with Ministry of Health, medical practitioners and with input from all stakeholders involved with our business, the following will come into force from the 23rd March 2020 to limit the spread and above all, look after the health of all persons we do business with.

FONKO remains fully operational and will continue to provide all of our clients with the service that you have come to expect, whilst adhering to the directives of the NZ Ministry of Health.

Rules for Operation at Office or Onsite.

  1.  Restrict all non-essential internal and external meetings. Use phone or video conferencing where possible. Gatherings for meetings will be limited to critical issues. A distance of 2 metres is to be maintained between all those included in the meeting.
  2. There is a freeze on all non-essential business travel, both domestic and international.
  3. We will adopt a zero-tolerance approach to sickness on our building sites or at head office. Personnel who have any of the following symptoms must not enter our building sites or head office.
    1. High temperature-Fever
    2. Shortness of breath
    3. A persistent dry cough
    4. They must contact the MOH healthline 0800 3585483 and seek medical advice.
  4. Gatherings for meetings will be limited to critical issues. A distance of 2 metres is to be maintained between all those included in the meeting. Meetings are to be held with max of 6 persons present at any one time.
  5. Hand sanitizer/soap and water must be available in all toilet locations and checked daily.
  6. Where possible workers should break into small groups and consume food outside.
  7. Occupation levels of lunchrooms are to be limited to a maximum of 10 persons. On large sites break times to be staggered to allow this limit to be complied with.
  8. Encourage and enforce respiratory etiquette i.e. sneezing and coughing into crook of one’s elbow and restricting distance from other workers.
  9. We would encourage a distance of 2 metres from other workers where possible. In confined areas we would look at proving ventilation or .as a last resort require the wearing of adequate respiratory protection including masks or half face P2 respirators.
  10. Work from Home Roster to be implemented to limit the in-office staff at any one time.


Rules for Operations at Domestic Residence.

  1.  Where possible quotations to be done remotely, via phone.
  2. Email or phone call to every appointment to advise on FONKO’s “Contactless Strategy” for either a Heap Hump Installation or AC Maintenance. (There is no need for Customer and FONKO Staff to make contact).
    1. If notified that the Customer if in Self Isolation, then appoint to be rescheduled for no sooner than a 2-week period.
  3. A distance of 2 metres is to be maintained between Customer and FONKO Staff at all times.
  4. FONKO staff are to use gloves & face masks when inside a residence and able to touch potentially infected surfaces or are within the 2-metre guideline of a customer.
    1. Note: this is to be explained to customer during initial call.
  5. FONKO Staff to regularly clean hands. Specifically, before and after entering residential dwelling and before and after eating.

 In the event any employee or related stakeholder involved with our company contracts the virus or comes in contact with someone who has or does contract the virus we request that our head office is informed immediately so that we can take appropriate action.

Please reach out to us if you have concerns and of course, in such unknown territory, if we can do anything differently.

We are all in this together, let’s look after one another.

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