Benefits of Fujitsu Heat Pumps

What is Fujitsu Better Heat?

Better Heat™ is more than effortless home heating. It gives you the best possible economy, all the features you need and the Fujitsu Better Heat™ Guarantee. So you can be sure you are getting the very best heat pump available to enhance your comfortable home lifestyle.

Better Heat Efficiency

Fujitsu have more Energy Star® rated heat pumps than any other brand and lead the way in bringing you energy saving features. The Fujitsu Hi-Wall range stands out in efficiency for both heating and cooling; returning up to $6.50 worth of heat for every $1.40 you spend on power. That will reduce your power bills!

Better Heat Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be delighted with your new Fujitsu, our Heat Specialists now offer the written Fujitsu Better Heat™ Guarantee. This is your assurance that the Fujitsu Heat Pump specified for your home will deliver on its promised performance.
Ask your Fujitsu Heat Specialist for a no-obligation “Comfort Selector” report. You will see all the information you need – such as running costs, features and operating tips – as well as the quotation to buy and have it installed by an Accredited Heat Specialist.

Accredited Heat Specialists

Fujitsu is the only company in New Zealand that runs the respected accreditation scheme for independent Heat Specialists and Installers.
To achieve accreditation, the Specialist must satisfy Fujitsu that they have the experience, training and specialist equipment to install your new Fujitsu heat pump in accordance with manufacturer requirements and complying with sound trade practices.
This means you can be confident that you’ll have the services of a real professional, who can also offer a free 6-year warranty on parts and labour – New Zealand’s longest.

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