Fujitsu Heat Pumps

To maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature within your Auckland home, you’ll require a helping hand from a reliable heat pump system. After using our guide on how to choose a heat pump, you should feel ready with the knowledge of what style of system you are searching for and thinking about where to place it in your home. If you need a little more help in selecting the right model for your home, you can contact us today and book a free measure and quote.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers is Fujitsu and we are proud to supply Fujitsu heat pumps to customer’s across Auckland to keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer with temperature-controlled filtered air. With effective heating and cooling functions, heat pumps transfer external thermal energy from outdoors to indoors to achieve the temperature you desire and maintain it for as long as the system is on. 

Why Choose a Fujitsu Heat Pump?

The Japanese brand is recognised as one of the premium heat pump choices to install in New Zealand. Known for their formidable performance and efficiency, Fujitsu’s heat pumps can save you money on energy bills whilst making your home more comfortable than ever before. If it’s efficiency and reliability you are looking for, then look no further. Get in touch today and we’ll discuss the right model for you before one of our specialists expertly installed your new system into your Auckland home.

  • Incredible efficiency
  • High performing
  • Expert installation
  • Simple to use systems to get the most out of your heat pump
  • Multiple styles of heat pump to choose from

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