There is no better way to warm your home than a heat pump. For energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and overall performance, a heat pump is head and shoulders above other heating sources like wood fires and electric heaters. And, let’s not forget that a heat pump will also cool your home in summer, so it’s an appliance you’ll benefit from year-round. For all of its advantages, there is one way you can make your heat pump even better. It’s as simple as choosing the right one for your home! This will help you enjoy better performance, more comfort, and lower power bills. 

 We’re not talking about choosing the right brand. Whether you opt for something from Mitsubishi or Fujitsu, you know you’ll receive a world-class product that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. We are referring to selecting a heat pump that ticks all the boxes in terms of size, insulation, energy ratings, heating needs and proper installation. Let’s discuss these factors in greater detail.

Understanding Your Heating Needs

The first step to choosing the right heat pump is understanding what you need from it. This might be based on room size, how much insulation you currently have in your home, the orientation of windows in the rooms you want to heat, and even climate considerations. For example, if you live where frosts are common, you will be best served by a heat pump that keeps performing in sub-zero temperatures. Fonko has years of experience supplying and installing heat pumps, and we will never sell you a device without knowing your requirements. 


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Choosing the Right Size

Selecting an appropriately sized heat pump will ensure optimal performance and energy efficiency. The bigger the heat pump, the more you will pay for the appliance and its running costs, as it will consume more power. You don’t need to buy the biggest heat pump in the belief it will heat a room faster. This isn’t the case and could be a waste of money. Smaller heat pumps are highly efficient and can heat a space quickly. 

As a simple sizing guide, you can use this calculation from Consumer NZ: 

Small (up to 20 m2) Bedroom, study, small kitchen 2 kW if insulated 2-3kW if uninsulated

Medium (20-40 m2) Bedroom with ensuite, small lounge 2-4k if insulated W3-5kW if uninsulated 

Large (40-60 m2) Large bedroom, lounge, large kitchen 4-6kW if insulated 5-8kW if uninsulated 

Extra large (60+ m2) Open-plans, large lounge More than 6kW if insulated 8kW if uninsulated


Of course, Fonko’s heat pump technicians can give you a more precise guide based on their initial assessment of your home.


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Energy Efficiency Ratings 

Our heat pumps are extremely energy-efficient, but some are cheaper to run than others. We suggest you look at the energy rating label for each one — the more stars, the more energy-efficient energy the heat pump. Power consumption is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), and you can use this figure and the cost (tariff) from your latest power bill to calculate how much a particular model will cost to run. MBIE states that the national average kWh cost in New Zealand is around 29¢ an hour. Energy efficiency ratings tell you more than how much you will pay to run your heat pump. They also indicate the environmental impact of your heat pump. Again, the more stars, the better, as less power is used and fewer emissions are created. 

Internal Unit Placement

Choosing the right place for your heat pump will also influence your buying decision. High-wall units are the most common heat pumps and are mounted close to the ceiling. They are popular because they are located out of the way. On the other hand, low wall or floor-mounted heat pumps are installed on the floor alongside a wall. They must be located in an area where furniture does not impede airflow. The benefits of floor-mounted heat pumps are they are easy to access for cleaning and, because warm air rises, they’ll heat the room from floor to ceiling. And then, there are ducted systems where the internal unit is located out of sight, which is great for aesthetic reasons. You don’t hear the heat pump when it is operating. It’s a little more expensive but a superb option nonetheless. 


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Additional Features 

All of our heat pumps perform their core functions to the highest standards. However, some brands have additional features that could benefit you and your family. For example, air purification is desirable if you or any family member suffers from respiratory conditions or allergies. If you live in an area of high humidity, where things tend to get unpleasantly hot and muggy, a dehumidification feature can remove moisture from the air. Meanwhile, smart controls allow you to operate your heat pump even if you’re not home, which is ideal for a busy family who is out and about all day and who wants to come home to a home that is already warm.

We’ll Help You Make The Right Choice

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right heat pump for your home. It may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Fonko is an expert at supplying and installing heat pumps. We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you when you make your purchasing decision, so contact us to discuss your new heat pump, and we will ensure you make the perfect choice.   

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