All Major Brands Heat Pump Repair, Maintenance, Installation & Services

Like all heating and cooling systems, the key to their efficient operation is regular maintenance and servicing. A well-maintained unit has an energy consumption of between 10-35% less than a non-serviced unit. It also helps to increase the unit’s lifespan.

Heat Pump Service Auckland

Fonko is experienced in both the servicing and repairing of all models of the Major Brand  heat pumps in Auckland & Wellington. Serving the greater Auckland & Wellington area, our air conditioning technicians will help you save money on the running costs of your unit and keep it in optimum working condition for longer!

With an estimated 90% of all failures due to a neglected cleaning and maintenance schedule, be smart and book your heat pump installation & cleaning with us now.

We can organise a regular maintenance program for both homeowners and businesses, ensuring your air conditioning unit remains working whenever you need it! Our air conditioning servicing and heat pump cleaning services help prevent small problems from becoming large expensive ones. With your heating and air conditioning system working perfectly, you’ll enjoy a steady interior temperature all year round.

Book Your Heat Pump Tune-Up

Nobody likes expensive repair bills, which is why regular maintenance is so important for any heating and cooling system. It helps to:

  • Extend the lifespan of your unit
  • Increase the performance efficiency of your unit
  • Reduce your power bills
  • Lower the cost of your repair bills
  • Provide you with exceptional heating and cooling properties

As Auckland’s preferred heat pumps repairing company, our 14-point inspection checklist ensures we never leave any stone unturned. Our 14-point maintenance should take approx. 30 mins and includes:

  • Removal and washing of the indoor unit filters & the disinfection of the coil
  • A flush drain with one litre of water to check the drain termination is clear of debris and obstructions
  • Checking the fan wheel and motor for excessive dirt build-up, noise and balance
  • Checking air on sensor holder and clean
  • Wiping down unit casing and removal of all finger marks
  • Test running unit on heating/cooling and record on/off temperatures
  • Checking and changing batteries in the remote controller if required – New Batteries will be charged in addition to maintenance.
  • Washing down outdoor unit
  • Checking for any noise and vibration
  • Checking electrical terminations and tightening if required
  • Removing the outdoor unit lid and checking for vermin or insect nests
  • Checking service valves and flare connections for leaks, plus checking and tightening the service caps
  • Checking that the interconnecting service’s penetration through the wall/floor is sealed
  • Clearing all debris away from under the outdoor unit

For Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Panasonic & Hitachi heat pump repair, maintenance, installation & servicing in Auckland, call our friendly team on 0800 4 FONKO or send us a message via our Contact Page today to fix air conditioning unit or heat pump.

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