How Much Does A Heat Pump Cost To Run

Heat Pumps: How to save money

Heat pumps can significantly reduce your energy costs as well as provide a hot and happy home in the winter months. If that isn’t enough, they cool homes too! So why doesn’t everyone have one? Well, most Aucklanders do but some are put off by a lack of knowledge about running costs and the cost of initial installation. Sure, installing a heat pump in your home or company office is an investment but you will recoup this on monthly energy savings over winter.

Our aim at Fonko is to advise you to get the correct unit for your living space so you are happy with your decision when installing a new unit. We regularly install heat pumps for our Auckland customers, so we will be ready to help you make the right choice.

Benefits of heat pumps in homes

Cheap to run: Our energy-efficient models can save you money whilst heating your home. They are a cheaper alternative to other methods of heating, especially if you get a smart heat pump and use it wisely. Something we can advise you on. In some cases, the savings can cut your heating bill in half if you currently use a method that isn’t very efficient.

Safer: Heat pumps are run using electricity. They are safe to operate and since they rely on electricity and do not need to burn fuel to generate heat, they come with fewer safety concerns compared to their counterparts. This means no chance of gas leaks or any other worries you may have.

Low maintenance: A check once per year to make sure they are running at their optimum capabilities and to check filters is enough to keep them running well for longer. Fonko offers maintenance and repairs as well as installation.

Multi-functional: As well as heating your homes, heat pumps can cool too. That means 12 months of comfortable temperatures no matter the weather outside. 

We have a team of highly trained experts here to advise you on the best heating and cooling options for your home or commercial property. Get in touch with us today to find out more about heat pumps and how they can benefit your home.

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