If You’re Thinking Ducted For Summer, Call Us Now

In our opinion, ducted systems are absolutely brilliant ways to heat and cool homes. They’re particularly well suited for larger homes with a lot of rooms but new and existing houses of any size will enjoy all the benefits that these systems deliver. A lot of our ducted system installations are taking place at the construction stage – but we are just as comfortable setting them up in homes that have been around for decades. As long as there’s sufficient room for the main air conditioning unit, we can make it happen

A ducted heat pump system is New Zealand’s modern equivalent of traditional central heating which is still so popular in both North America and Europe. Central heating systems are not used quite as widely here but they should be. They’re a very efficient and convenient way of heating the entire home from one main control unit. As such, they’re very easy to operate and heat or cool the rooms you want, without those dreaded cold spots and hot spots throughout the property.

The air conditioning unit itself is installed within your roof cavity or under the house and connected to each room within your home through hidden ducting. The vents through which the warm or cool air passes are very discreet. So, with an air conditioning unit and ducting you can’t see (or hear for that matter) and grill vents that blend into the background, a heat pump ducted system is a very appealing choice for people who want a perfectly comfortable home that retains its aesthetic appeal. Ducted systems allow you to achieve that better than any other heat pump product.

As you can imagine, because ducted heat pump systems are much like conventional central heating with an up to date twist, the design and installation of them is a bit more involved than a standard wall-mounted or floor standing model. So, if you are thinking about a ducted system in time for summer, contact us now.  It will take a little time for us to work out the best way ahead for your system as well as for the installation process itself. And with ducted heat pumps in Auckland and Wellington becoming more popular, demand will be high. So, to ensure a comfortably cool summer and a cosily warm winter without too much of a wait, get in touch as soon as possible and let’s discuss ducted!

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