Installing a heating and cooling system in a new build

Thinking about your heating and cooling needs now will benefit you in the future. If you’re building a new house, this is the perfect time to start figuring out how to incorporate a temperature control system within the build. Installing a heat pump will help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. When this installation becomes part of the actual build, you have the opportunity to create a bespoke design that is ideal for the size and needs of your new home.

Quite often, the installation of a heat pump, which is usually complex and retrofitted, turns out to be much easier when there is unlimited access to the wall and ceiling cavities. Less complex installation = lower costs for the customer. In most cases, pipes and cables can be hidden in cavities, so there are no open ducts/covers outside the building.

So what system is the best choice for a new build? A ducted air conditioning system is a great choice. You can plan for the indoor unit and ducts to be hidden in the roof cavity. 80-90% of the installation work can be done before the insulation/cladding, with the internal grilles and wall controller installed after finishing. This type of system is becoming an increasingly common option, especially in Auckland.

They are ideal for central heating and are designed to control the entire home in all seasons. The compressor unit can be stored outdoors or on the roof. Hot or cold air is distributed through insulated ducts and the benefits are as follows:

Efficient Energy Usage – you control the rooms you wish to heat or cool, helping you use less electricity and achieve lower power bills.

Discretion – carefully positioned ducting vents allow warm or cool air to enter each room in your home discreetly almost invisibly. Each air conditioning unit is installed within your roof cavity, with no bulky heat pump units from inside your home.

Flexibility – a zoned system lets you set specific temperatures for each area within your home, perfect for families and individuals with different temperature preferences.

Ease of Use – with the touch of a single button, your ducted system can be operated when you need it or with the use of a timer.

Quiet – exceptionally quiet, a ducted system creates less noise than a split system heat pump.

Even Air Distribution – enjoy an even air temperature, with no draughts, hot spots or cool areas with a ducted system.

Filtered Clean Air – as air passes through the air grille, a washable filter traps dust and dirt particles to keep your air clean.

Auto Restart & Memory Back-Up – in the event of a power failure, the unit will restart itself to the last settings of the wall controller.

If you want to create exceptional comfort all year round in your new home, contact Fonko today and get advice from the number 1 installer of residential heat pumps and air conditioning.

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