Keep Your Customers Cool

73% of retail consumers say a positive customer experience is one of the biggest factors in influencing their purchasing decision. Meanwhile, 42% say they’d pay more if they felt really comfortable. Well, we have just the thing to make your customers enjoy a cooler experience in every sense of the word – our air conditioning solutions!

We are leaders in both residential and commercial air conditioning so we can keep your customers cool this summer whether you need a single heat pump for a smaller shop, or a more complex air conditioning system for larger premises. Or maybe you already have air conditioning of some sort and it’s long overdue for a service. With warmer weather just about here, we recommend that you book in that service now and keep your customers happy while they’re doing business with you.

A few years ago, in a large survey carried out in America, it found that 88% of consumers said retail establishments were too cold in summer. Meanwhile, 76% said they took extra clothing to movie theatres and restaurants! This just hampers their customer experience so it really is important you get the temperature right once your air conditioning is installed or serviced. It could be the thing that decides how long they’ll stay and how much they’ll spend.

On an uncomfortably warm summer’s day, you want to provide a cool and comfortable space for your customers – after all, when the temperature increases, so do cortisol levels, the hormone that causes stress. And the last thing you want is an anxious customer. But you don’t want things to be too cool either. This might sound a little strange, but it’s suggested that during summer, in-store temperatures should be kept between  23°C to 27°C and between 20°C and 24°C in winter. Why cooler in winter and warmer in summer? Simple. It’s because your customers wear heavier clothing in winter so too high a temperature will make them feel TOO warm. On the other hand, your customers will wear lighter clothing in summer, so a shop with a temperature that is too low will make them feel TOO cold. It makes perfect sense now, doesn’t it!

The key to customer comfort and doing better business is getting your air conditioning sorted in the first place. For supply and installation, or servicing, contact us.

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