Let Your Heat Pump Do What It’s Designed To Do

The heat pump brands we sell are some of the best you can get. Our Mitsubishi and Fujitsu heat pumps are beautifully engineered and designed to bring years and years of comfort to a home or commercial building. We are proud to supply and install such fantastic heat pump brands because we know how well they work. So you can imagine our frustration when heat pumps of that quality stop working well before their intended lifespan.

It’s often to do with a lack of heat pump servicing. It’s a topic we have discussed before but it’s an important subject and one we want to constantly remind you about. The fact is, you invest good money in a heat pump and regular servicing will see you get a great return on that investment – it really will pay for itself over and over again when kept in top shape. On average, a new heat pump will operate at peak performance for 15 years which is a long time; but that is conditional on regular maintenance from experts like us, as well as some simple cleaning from you. For example, cleaning the air filters which is easy to do, or keeping weeds and other obstructions well away from the outdoor unit.

When you neglect to do these things, and if you don’t book a frequent inspection and maintenance visit from us, that predicted 15-year lifespan will reduce…and reduce…and reduce. It’s been calculated that you can take at least five years off the life of a heat pump through sheer neglect…and in some cases, even more.

When this happens, people will often blame the unit itself, and criticise the manufacturer. But they really should look at themselves and how they failed to look after the unit properly. As we’ve said, our heat pumps are superbly designed and manufactured. For example, a Fujitsu heat pump comes with a full six-year manufacturer’s warranty, as well as a six-year parts and labour warranty when installed by an accredited company like ours. It must be a great heat pump to have that sort of warranty, which is why we are sad that brilliant heat pumps get a bad name. They need regular attention to keep working at their best, and it’s a real waste when maintenance and cleaning are overlooked.

It’s said that an estimated 90% of all heat pump failures are due to a neglected cleaning and maintenance schedule. If you’re thinking of investing in a new heat pump before winter, discuss a regular maintenance programme as well. You’ll get a long, long life out of your new heat pump and you’ll let it do what it is designed to do.

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