Maintaining a healthy home

There are three basic elements of maintaining a healthy home: heating, ventilation and insulation. Unfortunately, most houses don’t boast all three, especially in New Zealand. Trying to heat a typical New Zealand house in winter is difficult as wooden houses lack insulation and central heating. For this reason, winter isn’t good for your comfort or your pockets. That’s why we’ve put together a guide for keeping a healthy home.

Do you know the importance of ventilation?

It’s important to open doors and windows throughout the house, even when it is cold. Allowing the wind to blow into your home is important to prevent moisture build-up, which in turn can lead to dampness and mildew. Simple things like drying your clothes outside can drastically reduce water vapour, making your home drier and healthier. Ventilation can also take the form of heat pumps or air conditioners. Anything that moves the air around the house is beneficial

Do you have a damp home?

Staying warm and dry is not only for comfort but also to prevent serious health problems. When the weather is too cold, the moisture in the air condenses into water. It is located within the wall, creating an ideal environment for the accumulation of moisture. Moisture isn’t just a small amount of condensation on the glass, it’s a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Mould is a living fungus. When you inhale mouldy air over a long period of time it can lead to various breathing problems. Young children and the elderly are more susceptible to it.

Is your home well insulated?

Insulation is a good way not only to keep warm and reduce energy costs. This means that the insulation not only keeps the house warm in winter but also keeps it cool in summer, as warm air cannot enter from outside. Up to half of the energy we use to heat our home is wasted without insulation as heat escapes through walls, roofs and windows.

Adding a heat pump to your home can help deal with all three of these above potential issues. Warming your home in autumn and winter can prevent dampness from setting in and circulating air in your home will benefit ventilation. Heat pumps aren’t a form of insulation but they can control the temperature which counteracts poor insulation in homes. Contact us today to add a system to your home or commercial building.

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