Our Top Tips For Commercial Refrigeration Care

The use of commercial refrigeration is essential for certain companies in providing secure temperature-controlled storage for a number of purposes. Having a cared for and well-functioning refrigeration system is critical to preserving a number of products, whether it be food, medicine or others. The best way to ensure your commercial refrigerator’s ongoing functionality is to look after it with regular maintenance and care. Learn more about how to look after your system and the best way to prevent failure.

Always close the doors when not in use

It sounds simple, but it isn’t uncommon for staff members to leave refrigerator doors open as they come back and forth from loading or unloading items from within. Keeping doors closed at all times between use means less strain on the unit’s compressor as it doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature. It’s also better for the storage of the items within.

Regularly clean the inside of your commercial refrigerator

Cleanliness is next to godliness, as they say. Retaining a clean and sanitary environment inside your commercial refrigerator is important for many reasons. First and foremost is to prevent contamination and bacteria. However, it is equally important for the ongoing maintenance of your system. Build up of dust and dirt can block coils meaning it will not cool as effectively and it could result in your cooler failing to maintain its temperature setting increasing your electric bills and resulting in a system malfunction. For optimal performance, a routine clean-up should occur approximately every six months.

Regularly clean the outside of your commercial refrigerator

No less important than the interior is the exterior of your refrigerator. Keeping both equally clean is a good practice for any commercial enterprise. Cleaning the outside of glass doors means you can actively see the inside condition of yours without having to open doors to enter, limiting the time they are open.

Regularly check the fan motors

The fans in commercial fridges move the air and adjust the cooling supplies for different needs at different levels. This has an immediate impact on the operational effectiveness of the refrigerator. Frequently checking fan motors ensures that their standard of performance is maintained, ensuring that it is operating at an optimal rate.

Don’t overstock

Designed to hold large amounts of stock for refrigeration, it is important not to pack yours to the rafters as this can affect its performance standards. Congestion within the interior of the fridge blocks the air. If the air is not allowed to circulate, then it is not cooling your contents the way it is meant to.

Get 24/7 maintenance and servicing from Fonko

Our maintenance services are a cost-effective way to ensure the ongoing condition of your commercial refrigeration system. Contact us today and a trained professional will come to you and perfect a thorough service to ensure your system is working optimally all year round.

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