Prevent Unnecessary Heat Pump Fixes By Avoiding Making These Mistakes

When you spend money on a heat pump, you do so with the expectation that it will last you for several years without giving you trouble. The problem is that many of us don’t understand how it works and what’s required for it to work. This means that avoiding damaging it through bad habits and behaviour is a bit more challenging than it is with other household appliances we’re more familiar with, like our microwaves and toasters. This blog will show you how to avoid having to fix heat pump prematurely by looking after it correctly.

Mistake No 1: Leaving Your Heat Pump On 24/7 Or Constantly Adjusting Its Temperature 

While a heat pump is relatively affordable to run, it doesn’t need to be left on all the time unless your home is always in use. Most come with a timer function, so it’s best to program it to turn on shortly before you arrive home from work. The same principle will apply when you go away for a weekend or on holiday.

Mistake No 2: Tampering With Your Heat Pump’s Internal Components

Sometimes your heat pump won’t function as it should, and the solution might be obvious. For example, never cleaning or replacing your air filters can compromise its performance. However if you’ve inspected all the apparent causes for a malfunction and it’s becoming clear that the problem is internal, you should never try to open up any part of your pump or interfere with its wiring. Instead, call a professional to help you with this.

Mistake No 3: Ignoring Other Factors That Could Compromise Performance

You could have the best quality heat pump installed by the most expert team in New Zealand, but if you haven’t addressed any underlying issues in your home, you might not experience the best it has to offer you. Many homes have inadequate insulation or no insulation at all, which means you won’t retain the heat generated and your pump will have to work harder than it needs to. Other common ways your home might be sabotaging your pump is if you have any air vent drafts or drafts around external facing doors and windows. This means all the heat you’re creating is escaping.

Most of these mistakes are easy enough to avoid, provided you work with an expert on your heat pump troubleshooting, maintenance and installation. Fonko can assist you with this, whether you need to fix your heat pump or otherwise. Contact us today for more information.

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