Put Fujitsu On Your Floor

We supply and install Fujitsu heat pumps because they’re some of the very best in the world. In this country, it is known as “New Zealand’s favourite air” and that is backed up by its enduring popularity in the local marketplace.

We highly recommend all Fujitsu heat pump products to you, including their brilliant floor models. Floor standing heat pumps in NZ are gradually gaining popularity because they bring a host of advantages that other types can’t:

  • Floor standing consoles quickly warm a room because they deliver heat at floor level and then, that well known scientific principle kicks in: warm air rises. This means heat soon fills the living space as it heads towards the ceiling.
  • Fujitsu floor standing models are powerful but extremely quiet and, like all of our heat pumps, they’re unrivalled when it comes to cost-efficiency and performance.
  • Floor heat pumps are a natural replacement for obsolete or outdated heat sources. They can fill the gap left behind when you remove gas heaters and fireplaces.
  • Because they’re at floor level, these heat pumps are easy to clean. This ongoing care means they continue to operate at optimum levels.

Fujitsu floor standing heat pumps bring you all of those advantages and so much more. But they don’t have to be big to be beneficial. For example, the Fujitsu compact floor console is a relatively small unit but it is still capable of delivering up to 5kW of heat. The compact floor console also features a twin fan operation to give you maximum control. Use both fans to heat or cool your room quickly, then switch to only the top fan to maintain your temperature. This model also contains Fujitsu’s advanced filtration system for a healthier home environment as it helps to absorb fine dust, invisible mould spores and other airborne allergens. And in the case of a power cut, the unit will automatically restart in the same operating mode once the power comes back on.

That is a lot of features in one compact floor heat pump! But that’s typical of Fujitsu ingenuity and innovation – and that is why we are so proud to supply and install “New Zealand’s favourite air”. To help you decide if a floor standing heat pump is the best option for your home, contact us and we’ll help you make the right choice. By asking for Fujitsu, you’re certainly choosing the right brand!

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