Questions to Ask Your Heat Pump Service Provider Before Installation

Homeowners may find themselves considering HVAC solutions for many reasons for their property. These can include cost-savings factors, energy-efficiency for heating and cooling, and even an increased value on your home once fitted. But for those who have no or little knowledge of such systems, they tend to go with the first service provider they contacted for a quote. Without comparing solutions available on the market, quality, and professionalism, some may find themselves spending more than they had initially anticipated for their heat pump installation.

Shoddy installations and inadequate systems can leave homeowners having to find another service provider to replace or repair their heat pump. This is frustrating for first-timers, who are now subject to unexpected bills and an incomplete project. It can be a useful lesson for the future, but there is no reason why you should have to spend more money on the same job because of incompetent contractors, dodgy service providers, and tradespeople.

These are some of the questions we advise you to ask before finalising a heat pump installation.

Can This Business Provide A Portfolio Of Work? 

Besides being able to provide a list of references, it is essential that any business or contractor show you a portfolio of previous work. Having an experienced technician installing your heat pump can give you peace-of-mind, knowing that the job will be completed correctly and up to industry standard. There should be no hesitation or unwillingness on their side to provide you with their work history. It is also an opportunity for you to confirm their references and ask those customers about their experience dealing with this specific business. Find out if they received upfront costs, had the installation done correctly and received support after the sale.

Are The Technicians And Tradespeople Certified/Registered?

It is crucial to validate the credentials of service providers to ensure that they are skilled to work on your property. Individuals who cannot provide their qualifications, showing certification and registration, pose a serious risk to your property and even your safety if damage or malfunction occurs. It can also impact their health and safety if they are not skilled in electrical work. While it may seem bothersome to ask for this information, it is essential, and any business would be happy to provide it to you.

Does This Installation Come With A Warranty? 

One crucial question to ask is if a heat pump installation is under warranty. While most businesses can assure you a guarantee on the system itself, some may not extend this to the labour and installation. Although these are two critical components that can cause malfunction of the system, it is advisable to understand what the warranty clause includes and if your insurance can cover any damage caused by labour on the installation of your heat pump.

Even without first-hand knowledge of how the system operates technically or what is required for installation, it is in your best interest to get as many quotes as possible to compare pricing and delivery. Although the cheapest quote on a heat pump installation can seem financially sound, it does not necessarily mean you will be receiving a professional fitted system. To request a quotation– contact us at Fonko for high-quality services at competitive rates.

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