Say Goodbye To Stuffy Rooms

As heat pump specialists in NZ, we’ll always talk up the many benefits of these supreme heating devices. We firmly believe that heat pump installation in Auckland is the best way to heat a home; the efficiency of 400% to 500% is reason enough on its own! But when you factor in convenience, fast heating, and the ability to cool a home as well, then it really is a no brainer as far as we’re concerned: a heat pump is the best and most cost-efficient heating solution for your home.

While we’re talking about the advantages of a heat pump, we should mention this one as well: the type of heat it generates. Have you ever been in a room heated by a wood burner, electric heater or gas fire and felt that it was too warm in an almost suffocating way? It’s actually quite a common sensation. Wood burners, electric heaters and gas fires need to burn oxygen to generate heat. That obviously depletes the amount of oxygen in a room, which is what you’ll notice when you’re in that space. It can be hard to breathe comfortably, and the room is what we Kiwis like to call stuffy.

On the other hand, heat pumps do not burn oxygen. They simply transfer heated air from one place to another e.g. from outdoors to indoors. The result is what you could call a more natural heat and a warm and comfortable environment, made even more comfortable because everyone can breathe a little easier.

Of course, modern heat pumps also contain filters that further clean and purify the air, including catechin and ion deodorising filters, as well as super-efficient plasma filters, which are like electric air cleaners that remove microscopic dust particles and odours. This is why many people suffering from asthma, or other conditions that make breathing difficult, often tell us that they feel much better since having their heat pump installed in their Auckland home. It’s no surprise. The air quality really is that much better with a heat pump than it is with any other form of heating.

We’re not talking out of blind devotion when we recommend heat pumps. The reviews from our customers say there are real benefits from having one in their home or commercial premises. They can breathe easy knowing they’ve made the right choice, and so can you. So it’s time to say goodbye to stuffy rooms and to say hello to us. Get in touch today to discuss your heating requirements.

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