Set The Right Setting For Spring

Spring is here, and the weather is warmer. When summer comes, the weather will be warmer still. So right now, as you ponder how best to use your air conditioning over these hot months, you may be interested in the best cooling settings for your heat pump. After all, when we refer to air conditioning in New Zealand these days, it is usually heat pumps we have in mind. Unless, of course, you are in a building with the huge air conditioning systems that we proudly design and install.

But when it comes to heat pumps for the home or office, you’ll want to select settings that give you the most comfort at the least cost. This is especially true when it’s muggy and you feel lethargic and sticky. It’s humidity and not heat that is the culprit here. In this case, make the most of the Dehumidifying setting on your heat pump. This mode consumes less electricity than your heat pump’s cooling mode, and will probably do a better job at keeping you comfortable on a humid day. Shut the doors and windows to gain the full effects of this particular mode.

If it is heat and not humidity that is troubling you, but you want a cheaper way of cooling down, try the Fan Only setting to start with. This setting generates a breeze within the room and that might be enough to cool you down. It uses less electricity than other cooling settings and works best when you open windows at opposite ends of the house. The air coming from modern heat pumps is very pure these days – if you keep the filters clean that is – but by opening the windows while the fan setting is operating you also create ventilation through the house. This is another good way to bring healthy fresh air into the home.

Other settings like the Cooling mode are great for extremely hot days when nothing else increases your comfort levels. For maximum cooling, shut all doors and windows in the room and set the temperature to around 21 – 22˚C.

As well as getting the settings right, you should also have your heat pump serviced at this time of year. This will ensure the device operates even more efficiently and that will save you a lot of money alongside those low-cost settings. To book in your service, contact us. 

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