Should You Be Looking Up For Your New Heat Pump?

If you ask us to supply and install a Mitsubishi heat pump then we can only congratulate you on your wise decision. These award-winning, world-class heat pumps are star performers in our product range and we highly recommend them.

Now that you’ve chosen the right brand, you have to choose the right type. That is an important decision because different heat pumps are better suited to certain situations and requirements. But if you want something that is discreet, and particularly effective at dispersing heat throughout a room, and cooling it when you need it to, then you might want to look up! We’re talking about a ceiling cassette heat pump.

The beauty of a ceiling heat pump, and we mean this literally, is that it looks good. Only the grill shows in the ceiling which makes it a very popular option for our clients who want to preserve the aesthetics of their home.

But while ceiling cassettes are unobtrusive they’re very, very effective. A Mitsubishi ceiling heat pump is equally good at heating and cooling. Mitsubishi incorporates cutting edge fan-technology to distribute conditioned air through three or four sides, and with adjustable directional louvres you can have a great degree of control over the direction of the air flow.

Ceiling mounted heat pumps are particularly effective in warm climates. This is because warm air enters the ceiling mounted unit and is cooled before falling back to the floor. They are often used in hallways and as part of multi-zone installations to give or take heat from multiple areas at once.

Add in features like built-in timers, remote control and optional wired (wall) controllers, as well as extremely quiet performance, and we believe a Mitsubishi ceiling cassette heat pump is a device with all-round capabilities and an almost “out of sight, out of mind” presence.

Ceiling mounted units are more time consuming to install because the installation professional will need to get into your attic or roof space to install it. But, for all the benefits they deliver, we think it’s worth it. Of course, a ceiling cassette might not be the best Mitsubishi heat pump for your specific requirements. Perhaps a wall-mounted or floor console would suit you better? There is only one way to find out and that is to contact us so we can help you make the right selection.

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