Three Air Conditioning Myths You Need To Ignore

Our Wellington-based air conditioning technicians are asked questions daily which pertain to one myth or another and typically they hold no truth at all. We take a look at the myths vs reality and why you should always seek the advice an experienced professional.

Myth #1: You Don’t Need To Clean The Fins And Coils 

Inside the inner workings of an air conditioner, the coils and fins allow heat to pass from the refrigerant into the air. They’re part of the evaporator, which also moves heat back and forth. However, when the fins and coils are covered in dust, it’s difficult for the heat to be transferred. Excess dirt inside the system will decrease the unit’s efficiency and cost you money, so make sure that they’re cleaned with every service.

Myth #2: Turning The Temperature Down For Quicker Cooling 

Back in the days when air conditioning technology was still new, many people didn’t understand how their air conditioning systems worked. It might be ignorance or impatience, but a common misconception is that the lower the temperature of the air conditioner is, the faster it would work. This is, of course, incorrect, and only causes you to turn the temperature back up again when you get too cold. Unfortunately, continually changing the temperatures can cause the thermostat to wear our or malfunction, so it’s best to remember this myth and change the way you use your system.

Myth #3 The Bigger The System, The Better 

While there might be some truth to this myth, it isn’t true in its entirety. Yes, if you buy and install a bigger air conditioning unit for your home in Wellington, the area you’re trying to cool will drop in temperature much faster than with a smaller unit. However, this isn’t necessarily better. If the A/C is too small, it will strain by working so hard to condition an area too big, and malfunction too soon. If it’s too big, it would have been an unnecessary expense when you could have bought a cheaper unit that does the job just fine. Don’t fall into this trap, or you’ll waste your money.

Air conditioning units are installed in many homes and office spaces in Wellington, so it’s important to know fact from fiction if you intend on installing one. Knowing how to operate your air conditioning unit will also save you time and money so make sure you remember which myths are falsehoods.

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