The Top Four Myths About Heat Pumps

You might want more information about heat pumps before you invest in one, and get an installation booked. And although there is a lot of information about heat pump installations out there, some of it is incorrect. Do any of these heat pump myths sound familiar to you?

Heat Pumps Are Too Expensive 

Although the early costs of buying and installing a heat pump are high, they are not too expensive in the long run. In reality, they are the most cost-effective heating and cooling system available to home and business owners right now! Heat pumps save on energy, making them energy-efficient too. Right after your heat pump installation, you will start seeing savings in your energy consumption. Besides, because they are two units in one, you’ll only need to maintain and repair one system, instead of two separate warming and cooling systems.

Heat Pumps Are Too Noisy 

When earlier models of heat pumps were being manufactured, this might have been true. They were huge and bulky, and the technology used to produce them was old-fashioned. However, much has changed. They are now compact and attractive – and yes, quieter! The heat pump models of today do still produce sound when they’re running, but it comes from the fan pulling air through the unit and is no louder than that of your refrigerator.

Heat Pumps Need To Run Constantly 

Again, for older heat pump models, this was true. However, because the technology and manufacturing processes have improved, you don’t need to run your heat pump continuously to have comfortable and temperature-controlled homes. Now, along with adequate insulation and ventilation in your home, you only need to run your heat pump like any other heating and cooling system – whenever you need to.

You Need Underfloor Heating For A Heat Pump To Function 

Information like this is also incorrect. Yes, heat pumps are more effective if you have underfloor heating, but it’s not a necessity if you’re interested in booking a heat pump installation. They will function perfectly well, and provide the same results you’re looking for, without it.

After getting your facts straight, hopefully, you will see that heat pumps are a worthy investment to put into your home or office. How they are manufactured today has made them quieter, more efficient, and cheaper to run. And even though they’re expensive to install, you’ll save money in the long run in energy, servicing, and repair costs. If you want comfortable temperatures in all four seasons, book your heat pump installation today.

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