We’re Cool Room Experts Too

When you think of what we do at Fonko, you might consider all the things we are famous for. For example, we have a great reputation for supplying and installing world-class heat pumps, and we are renowned as ducted air conditioning specialists. But we’re also Auckland’s premier cold room manufacturer, so if that’s what you’re in the market for, come to us. 

Cool room manufacturing is part of our commercial division and is something we excel at. We are able to meet all of your commercial cold storage and refrigerated warehouse requirements in Auckland, and that includes freezer rooms. If you need a room, and it needs to be a cold room or a freezing cold room, we can definitely help!

So why choose us instead of one of our competitors? For a start, we have more industry experience than most. That allows us to design and supply a system that is reliable, flexible, long-lasting and very low maintenance, which is a prime consideration for so many of our busy clients. We have a long and proud track record of efficient cold room construction, as well as food preparation facilities. To make sure we get it right the first time, we will always work alongside you to come up with a refrigeration solution that best fits in with your business. We don’t rely on off the shelf answers. The design and construction of your refrigerated warehousing, freezer space and dry storage food warehousing are carried out specifically for your business and your unique requirements.

We’re proud of what we’ve already achieved for so many commercial organisations right across Auckland, and we’d love to deliver similar results for you. Even though we would tailor-make a cold room solution for you, all of our designs have these things in common.

  • They’re highly energy-efficient and deliver a great return on your investment.
  • They’re engineered for low maintenance and easy-care, so you save precious time.
  • They’re easy to expand, so they’ll grow as your business grows.
  • They’re incredibly space-efficient so you can easily work around them.
  • They’re designed and manufactured to be environmentally friendly

We’re proud of all the things we do at Fonko, including heat pumps and ducted air conditioning. We’re just as proud of the bigger things we do in our commercial division, with our cool rooms being at the forefront. If you require commercial cold storage and refrigerated warehousing in Auckland including freezer rooms, contact us today. We’re the city’s leading manufacturer and we’ll design and provide the ultimate cooling solution.

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