We’re Fujitsu Accredited Which Is Good For You

Out of all the brands we work with, Fujitsu stands out as being a company that sets the highest standards. They expect a lot of themselves, and just as much from heat pump installers like us. Here’s the perfect example of why a Fujitsu heat pump in Auckland homes and businesses is a common sight.

Fujitsu is the only company in New Zealand that runs an accreditation scheme for installers like Fonko. To achieve this accreditation, we had to satisfy Fujitsu that we have the experience, training and specialist equipment to install a new Fujitsu heat pump in accordance with their stringent manufacturer requirements, all the while complying with sound trade practices. Not many brands go to the lengths Fujitsu do to ensure the installation is as good as the product – but that commitment to getting everything right every step of the way is great for you.

Thanks to Fujitsu’s accreditation scheme, you can have confidence in the quality of the heat pump and the installation, as well as the all-important after-sales service. This is why Fonko and Fujitsu can offer you a free 6-year warranty on parts and labour – and yes, that is New Zealand’s longest.

With winter coming on, you might be looking at heating options for your home or your business. As you’ll see on this page, heat pumps lead the way as a heating source in virtually every respect. They’re incredibly energy-efficient and cheap to run compared to electric heaters, which are approximately three times more expensive to run. They’re faster and heat more effectively than wood burners. And they are safer and provide better air quality than gas heaters. So all in all, a heat pump is a smarter heating option. But when it comes to brands, what do you go for?

You have plenty of brands to choose from, and they all have their merits. Modern heat pump technology is remarkable and no matter what you choose, you’ll be fine. But we have to say that Fujitsu is not called New Zealand’s favourite air for nothing! It is widely acknowledged to be a market leader, not just by heat pump professionals like us but also by the people who really count – the consumers who buy them. Things like Fujitsu’s accreditation scheme make the brand stand out in their eyes as one they can trust for many years of reliable heating and cooling – and this applies to both home and business. So if you’ve decided on a heat pump for winter and now need to choose the brand, we reckon there’s no smarter choice than Fujitsu.

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