What Size Heat Pump Should I Buy?

Choosing the right heat pump for your property can be a challenging task given the options available. Fortunately, Fonko can help you navigate the process and ensure that you select the most appropriate product for your needs.


Understanding the Importance of Heat Pump Size

Selecting the perfect size heat pump is crucial to maintaining optimum comfort levels in your home, particularly during winter. The size of a heat pump does not refer to its physical dimensions but rather its heat or cooling production, expressed in kilowatts (kW). Heat pumps can range in kW but how do you decide on the perfect size? 


Location and Climate

The climate and location of your property are significant determinants of the size of heat pump required. For instance, colder climates demand heat pumps with a higher heat output or kW. Similarly, the location of your property and the amount of natural sunlight it receives influence the size of heat pump you need.


Room Size and Insulation

The size and insulation level of the room are other crucial factors to consider. If a small heat pump is chosen for a large room, it will run persistently and never reach the set temperature. Conversely, a heat pump that is too large for a small room will generate excess heat, resulting in wastage and constant system adjustments to prevent overheating.


Unit Positioning

The correct positioning of the indoor unit is essential for efficient temperature regulation. It’s often advised to install the indoor unit close to the ceiling to facilitate easy distribution of warm air. However, placing the unit in a corner, along a corridor, or in draft-prone areas can negatively impact its performance.


Type of Heat Pump System

When selecting a heat pump system, you’ll come across various options like Hiwalls, Floor consoles, Ceiling cassettes, and Ducted systems. Each of these options has distinct characteristics, with varying pros and cons, depending on the space you are aiming to heat or cool.


Heat Pump Capacity

Determining the correct capacity of your heat pump is a critical part of the selection process. Our professional can calculate this by considering factors such as insulation, window size and orientation, among others. 


For instance, here’s a rough heat pump sizing guide:

Room Area (m2) 2.4m Stud Height

2 3.0kW

50 6.0kW

75 9.0kW


Remember to always consult with a heat pump specialist such as Fonko to find the perfect size of unit for your home. Contact us today to find out more about heat pump installation.

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