Why Choose A Fujitsu Heat Pump?

A Fujitsu heat pump in Auckland homes and businesses is a very popular choice. Fujitsu brands itself as New Zealand’s Favourite Air, and going by the number of Fujitsu heat pump installations we’ve done in recent years, we can see why the brand has that lofty status. Of course, Fujitsu isn’t the only brand of heat pump in New Zealand, so why does it enjoy such singular acclaim from Kiwi consumers? Here are a few excellent reasons:

  • The Perfect Fit. Fujitsu is extremely fussy about installation. They have an accreditation programme for installers like us. This means that we always provide professional installation which is essential for the efficient performance of your new Fujitsu heat pump.
  • A LONG Warranty. Fujitsu are so confident in the quality of their heat pumps that they offer a 6 year manufacturers warranty. When you use a Fujitsu accredited installer, a full 6-year parts and labour warranty will give you reassurance that you’ve made the right choice.
  • Kiwis Trust Fujitsu. Fujitsu was voted the most trusted Heat Pump brand in the 2020 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Survey.
  • Ongoing Research And Development. Fujitsu has a worldwide reputation for excellence but they don’t rest on their laurels. Their state of the art research and development centre in Japan has numerous testing facilities simulating a variety of heating and cooling operating conditions. This testing includes evaluating heating and cooling capacity under different temperature and humidity conditions, testing the units air volume and air flow distance, measuring the operating noise and evaluating the units ability to withstand outdoor weather extremes.
  • Advanced Filter Systems. Fujitsu’s filter systems are designed to create a fresher and cleaner living environment. The filters work so well that Fujitsu’s Apple-Catechin filters are approved by the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ’s Sensitive Choice Programme.

For all these reasons and more, Fujitsu heat pumps in NZ have a huge and loyal following. We’re fans as well. With our years of experience in supply and installation, we know a thing or two about heat pumps and Fujitsu is the complete package: a brilliant performer, energy efficient, durable, environmentally friendly and very affordable. If you’re considering a heat pump, you can’t do any better than Fujitsu. Contact us and enquire about New Zealand’s Favourite Air!

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