Why CO2 refrigeration systems are king

Environmentally friendly Trans-citical CO2 systems have steadily grown and become the favourite option for large scale places such as supermarkets, ice rinks and food warehouses. The best thing about Fonko is we are established as one of the few companies in New Zealand that can design and install these systems. We have cemented our place as industry leaders when it comes to commercial cold storage, providing the world’s best technology and trends in commercial refrigeration. CO2 systems are the premium and state-of-the-art option if you require the best for your business.

Why is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) the world’s number one choice of refrigerant?

It is utilised with minimal environmental impact and has a host of benefits when used for commercial cold storage.

  • Cost: When compared to other refrigerants, carbon dioxide is much cheaper on a per-pound basis
  • Sustainability: With no global warming or ozone impacting, it’s a way to comply with and promote sustainability within your company and is a future proof solution for years to come.
  • Safety: It is non-toxic and non-flammable which is necessary for food storage especially.
  • Efficient: With good thermodynamic properties it is more efficient than competing systems. Smaller components are also required due to high volumetric efficiency.

Trans-critical CO2 systems are identifiable from other systems by the fact that their working fluids go through subcritical and supercritical states. This means the CO2 is first boiled and expanded into a superheated vapour by an evaporator before a compressor is used to increase the heat and pressure. Once the pressure exceeds the critical point of CO2, it is transformed into an undefined gas which has properties of both a liquid and a gas, but is technicially neither. This is the science behind the world’s best refrigerant.

The experience the Fonko team has ensures we find the perfect system with you. From start to finish we’ll advise you on what system is best suited to your company and help educate you about the benefits of each to best suit your needs and budget. That is how we provide solutions throughout Auckland.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your commercial and residential refrigeration needs.

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