Why our cold rooms are better

Fonko is Auckland’s leading cold room manufacturer. The refrigerator compartment is the ideal place to store fruits and vegetables, as well as other foods, as they extend the life and help prevent food spoilage. Cold rooms are a great idea, as they will keep items much colder than normal room temperature. This makes cold rooms an excellent choice for storing perishable food. These devices have several advantages, they are also useful for both personal and business use.

In the world of commercial refrigeration, efficiency is everything. You need a reliable, flexible, durable and low maintenance system. As an industry specialist with many years of experience, FONKO offers just that. We cater to all your refrigeration and commercial cold storage needs.  We have extensive experience in the efficient construction of cold stores and the construction of food preparation facilities. Working with you, we will create a refrigeration solution that maximises your business. Trust us to design and build your cold store, freezer and dry food storage. When you visit the FONKO cold store, you will see the difference for yourself.

A Range of Uses:

Refrigerators are temperature-controlled and can be used for various functions by adjusting the temperature to switch between dryers to control the moisture content of food stored in the quick freezer. These units are airtight and also help protect your products from the extreme temperatures and climate changes that will occur outside of the unit. Another great feature of these temperature-controlled containers is that they can be used as dehumidifiers to help dry and control moisture content when dry storage is required. The temperature inside most of these devices can be adjusted from minus thirty degrees to plus thirty degrees Celsius. Just set the unit to your preferred temperature and the cooling unit will take care of the rest.

Customised cold rooms:

Cold room refrigeration technology has evolved to the point where many different sizes and types are available to meet your specific needs. These specialised units can be equipped with suitable cooling systems to meet your specific needs.

You may not need a device that runs at freezing temperatures all the time to keep your food frozen. In this case, there is a refrigeration unit that will keep your food dry and fresh. Not only can you choose from different types of refrigeration equipment, but these units can also be made in any shape as well as specific sizes that you may need. Portable and stationary drives come in different sizes.

Save money:

We all have to throw away food that goes bad because we don’t store it properly. The cold store will help you save money by minimising production. The refrigerator compartment can maintain the correct temperature of fruits and vegetables by controlling the humidity level to extend the shelf life of fresh food until it is ready to be consumed. This will help minimise waste and save money. If you buy fruits and vegetables in bulk, refrigeration will also benefit you. In addition, they can be used to extend the life of other bulk materials such as flour, sugar and other cooking ingredients. Preserves can be stored longer and prevent spoilage by keeping them away from direct light.

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