Why You Should Choose A Mitsubishi Heat Pump

You’re looking for a heat pump to keep you warm this winter, and to keep you cool in summer. During your search for the right make and model, you’ll probably be a little bewildered at all of the choices you have. And you might be forgiven for thinking that all heat pumps are pretty much the same, and so you will be just fine going for the cheapest one.

We disagree!

Not all heat pumps are the same. Some are better than others. And a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump is probably as good as you can get. We highly recommend the famous Mitsubishi brand to you because it will deliver so many benefits to you.

For a start, Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are the quietest in New Zealand. Mitsubishi have long said that warmth should be felt, and not heard, so their RapidHeat Floor Console and AP Series High Wall indoor units are whisper-quiet, starting from just 18dBA, indoor sound level. To compare that noise level to other household appliances, a dishwasher comes in at around 55dBA and a washing machine on spin cycle will register approximately 75dBA.

New generation Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps also offer New Zealand’s best performance in cold conditions. As the main purpose of your new heat pump will be to warm your home in winter, shouldn’t you be sure that it has the technology to actually do that?! Many heat pumps still struggle to perform efficiently in extremely cold weather but this isn’t an issue with Mitsubishi.  All Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are fitted with intelligent defrost technology; when the temperature drops below zero, heat pumps must perform a defrost cycle to remove ice that has built up on the outdoor coils. This means the heat pump will temporarily stop operating or blow out cooler air. Mitsubishi Electric has developed an advanced version of this defrost cycle. It uses Fuzzy Logic to learn, measure and record temperatures and running times. This information is then used to ensure defrost cycles are as fast, efficient and far apart as possible, so you can get heat quicker.

No other New Zealand heat pump is guaranteed to perform at its peak from +7°C to –15°C. Mitsubishi Electric’s HyperCore Heat Pumps won’t lower their heating performance –  even when it is snowing! And while this technology will keep you warm in winter, HyperCore is also highly recommended for humid and high altitude areas.

We could give you plenty of other reasons why a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump is superior to many other makes and models. We could talk about the incredible energy efficiency, or how the advanced filter technology purifies the air. But we have hopefully given you enough reasons to contact us and find out more about Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps. Because, when it comes to keeping you warm this winter, they are guaranteed to do what they’re designed to do.

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