Why You Should Think About Installing A Year-Round Mitsubishi Heat Pump

In homes and offices across Auckland, Mitsubishi heat pumps have become one of the most popular appliances to be installed. Not only are they energy-efficient, but they also perform two functions, heating and cooling, to keep your work and living spaces comfortable all year round.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps work in a manner similar to air conditioning units. They pull air in from outside into your home or office, at specific temperatures. The only difference they have to air conditioners is that they both heat and cool the area. When running on the heating function, the air is pulled from outdoors while the external unit evaporates the refrigerant, which absorbs thermal energy from the air. It is then condensed, which releases heat into the home or office space. If you want to cool, the direction of the refrigerant is reversed, which means it removes heat from the inside and converts it into cold air. You can use it all year round, making heaters, fans, and air conditioning units completely redundant. Now, instead of having two systems performing two different functions, you can have one that does both.

What Are The Other Benefits?

Other than being a two-in-one appliance, heat pumps use much less energy on its own than every other temperature-controlling appliance you had before. By consuming less energy, you’ll save money! Your property will also become more environmentally friendly by producing a smaller carbon footprint.

You also save money on repairs and servicing. Think about it, if you had a gas or oil fin heater for heating and fans or air conditioning for cooling, both systems would need to be serviced, maintained, and repaired. For each system, there would be a bill. Because the heat pump performs both functions, you’ll only have to pay for servicing and repairs once.

Why Choose A Mitsubishi?

Although choosing a brand for your heat pump can be a personal preference, Mitsubishi is undoubtedly one of the best brands available. They’ve been around for long enough in homes and offices; it has become a household name. Not to mention, their heat pump systems are manufactured to be high-quality, reliable, and long lasting.

A heat pump system is considered an investment because you’ll reap the benefits for years to come. By installing a Mitsubishi heat pump in Auckland home or office, you’ll have comfortable temperatures in every season, regardless of the weather outside.

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