Your Outdoor Unit Needs Attention. Now!

Obviously, the indoor unit is the most visible part of any heat pump. It’s the thing you operate every day as you cool your home in summer, or warm your home in winter. But in the scheme of things, your heat pump’s outdoor unit is just as important and requires attention, especially at this time of year.

As we start to venture outdoors after a long and cold winter, gardening will be high on the list of priorities for you. Spring and summer gardens need a big tidy up as you work to have them looking their best over the warmer months. A lot of that work will involve weeding, but it’s not just your garden beds that you should concentrate on. It’s a good time to check the outdoor unit of your heat pump because over winter, it is likely that a lot of weeds and other vegetation might have grown in front of the unit. It’s time to get rid of them.

The front of a heat pump’s exterior unit must be kept clear of all obstructions, and that includes vegetation like weeds. By keeping this area clear, the unit can disperse air more easily and avoid overworking. Anything that blocks the unit means the entire heat pump system in your home will operate less effectively, and you’ll see that reflected in higher power bills.

It’s not just weeds that can play havoc. Planting shrubs too close to the unit in an effort to hide it should also be avoided. If you want to plant something to try and conceal the unit, do it at a minimum of one metre from the machinery. If you plant any closer, you can end up with leaves and twigs inside the unit, which can cause substantial damage, and further reduce the heat pump’s efficiency – and yes, that means even higher power bills! Even if you do plant at a minimum distance, a vigorous and fast-growing bush or shrub can end up within centimetres of the unit if you don’t trim it on a regular basis.

It’s not just weeds and plants that can affect the performance of your outside unit. Outdoor furniture, garden tools, hose reels and bikes are just a few of the things that can get in the way. As part of your external spring cleaning, we recommend a tidy up all around the unit.

While you’re at it, take a closer look at the unit itself. If you see corrosion or anything that doesn’t look right, contact us. We’ll check it out and inspect the inside unit as well – that way we’ll ensure both sides of your heat pump are at their best and ready to keep you cool this summer.

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